Forex shortcuts. Free MT4 forex keyboard, a Metatrader shortcut keys keyboard for Mt4 and MT5 forex traders. With over 78 shortcut keys making it the most comprehensive MT4 Shortcut keys keyboard.

Forex shortcuts

Best Metatrader 4 Chart Tips and Tricks

Forex shortcuts. Thought this might help some of you guys and gals out. I'm trying to wean myself from my mouse and here are the built in MT4 shortcuts. Function Keys F1 open "Userguide" (i.e. Help) F2 open the "History Center" Shortcuts for indicator packs - MT4 - Trading Tech.

Forex shortcuts

In fact, Metaquotes has since released its successor, Metatrader 5, but it was not received as well by the Forex trading community. As a result, the majority of brokers still use MetaTrader 4. Although there are some limitations to MT4, this free and simple trading platform is powerful and versatile enough for most Forex traders. This is due, in part, to its thriving community of coders for the many different indicators, scripts, and Expert Advisors, which add so much functionality to the platform.

Previously, you had to use an Expert Advisor to add this function. Now you can see your levels, making it easier to drag them. You probably already know this next shortcut, but it is essential. You can click in the price grid on the right of the chart and drag down to shrink the scale of the chart. To return the chart scale to default, simply click and drag up on the price grid. If you use automatic chart scaling, you can just hit Numpad 5.

Good luck and happy trading! Are you still looking for a profitable trading system? I recently changed my main trading system after testing a new one for over a year. I use those hotkeys every day.

Very helpful and makes all the work twice as faster. Thanks for taking the time to list all of them. Thanks for reading and commenting. I use these all the time as well. Do you know of hotkeys to use for Objects? Or any kind of add-on that would allow the use of hot-keys for Objects? It would be cool if there was an add-on that let you create hotkeys for your favorite objects or something like that.

Sometimes I set up a few, but then to manually enter in the value for multiple charts can be a bit tedious, I was hoping there was something similar to setting trade levels?

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