Jimmy wong forex facebook. Dennis Ng Hmm.. it's just based on a facebook thread.. Ken Chee of Value Investing versus Jimmy Wong of Forex Trading. It seems both have seen success with their methods.. Anyone attending any of their workshops and tested their methods? Smile Joshua Lung Last night, I saw Jimmy Wong executed.

Jimmy wong forex facebook

Forex Challenge Part 1 - "Dato" Jimmy Wong vs Mr Ang Kar Yong Of Alpha Play Forex Trading School

Jimmy wong forex facebook. A Forex Trainer Sugiyantho Zhang just confirmed through his messages with me on facebook a few things: 1. he himself has NOT yet . Mr Jimmy Wong, 36, started out in his career as a deejay, spinning discs at bars - first at Europa Entertainment and then at Wong San Entertainment. In , he set up a.

Jimmy wong forex facebook

I wonder if those fancy cars he shown off are bought by the money collected from the courses fees or really from "trading" forex. But when we have many losses by using JW strategy and we begin to complain about strategy, he call us the rebels.

Jimmy will cheat you all his said are lies Jimmy strategy should be through away. Maybe you will won if you do in the opposite direction with his strategy. Much better to invest that money in yourself and lose it by trading and learning from mistakes.

And using a chart of his best performed month which is May , he shows that the setup based on his strategy on that month has TPed most of the time. Out of 6 consecutives setups, there are only around 2 SLs, and he played until won 6 TPs. It is called common sense. Unfortunately too many approach trading with the wrong mindset. Getting 4 out of 6 trades right is hardly a great accomplishment.

Anyway this post is not a vouch for the Jimmy guy. Just saying that there is more to the numbers. Jimmy might be a profitable trader himself. Sounds like a lot of people in Vietnam have a lot of spare cash laying around in their house to just pull it in their suitcases so easily. Did you even ask for a bargain or a discount by any chance? I am sure Vietnamese know how to negotiate about prices In Asia, they don't usually pay for a mark up price, they bring that price down to the ground..

I started a thread asking this last year i think didn't even get any replies or nothing. Jimmy is making movies now. Seems like he really gets away with a lot of things ah. I think this subject line "Jimmy Wong's candlestick strategy" is one of my favorites. I only have a limited supply. Trading is serious business Why pay for information that is freely available on line?

This forum is loaded with so many strategies that you can study, analyze, demo-trade, back-test and adopt on your own! Pay only for what you know has proven value. Wish you all the best! Jimmy Wong is a sophisticated con artist. Just think of it this way, if he's that good, does he need to still run courses especially when he's supposedly well off. If he's that great, he would already be retiring at some Maldive islands and closing down his seminar business. He was kind of blacklisted in Vietnam after many students lose money after attending his course.

Jimmy Wong is being challenged some other party to show his results to see if he's the real deal or if he's just empty talk. Let's see what kind of excuses will he give. Jimmy Wong Candelstick strategy Beginner Questions. Right on target; nothing to add as it says it all. And a lot of people have fall for that trick!

Well ur right on the 4 out of six. But if the risk to reward ratio is higher than, say 1: The bench mark of 1: That's true, there is more to numbers if you want to understand the full story.

Say more of this, im going to sue your pants off!! Jimmy Wong Candlestick strategy?


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