Joey miller options trading. Joey Miller is an independent financial advisor at Insight Wealth Group. He is also a member of the Investment Acceleration Platform | ZoomInfo delivers detailed contact information to fuel your sales marketing funnels–backed by a comprehensive B2B Miller, Broncos.

Joey miller options trading

3 Keys to Trading Options In A Small Account

Joey miller options trading. All trading contains considerable risk and should be pursued only with risk capital. Commodities, Futures, Options and FX are no exception. Historical performance, real or simulated, is not indicative of future results. All of the Traders Edge staff strongly suggest you to consider carefully the risks involved in investing before.

Joey miller options trading

User Name just applied for a Rule 1 Workshop Scholarship! He and his wife, Melissa, share a passion for horses, polo and eventing. If so, I would love to connect with you. I traded the strategy for 3 years with great success. Life changes caused me to go in a different direction but would like to get back to it. These are a couple of charts showing how many profitable trades there were during that time period. All of the Green dots were profitable trades.

Hi Rulers, I wanted to say how much I appreciated being involved this past weekend. But, I am finding it hard to put into words.

I would like to post more, but I am trying to unravel the info in my head and trying to start the studying process. Look forward to future knowledge in Rule 1. Oh… and anyone going to Atlanta in April… you are going to be amazed!!! Thank you for letting me know I was able to help you.

Town insisted that I cut it off at 9: As it was, I was up till 1: I really want to do this. I was laughing at Brandon. Do you think most of us have a Sauna in our basement and million dollar horse stables!!!??? I gave them another class. I can share this — My opinion only.

I generally do about 4 different R 1 Cash Flow strategies over and over depending upon which one s works best for various reasons. When I was first learning much of this, I found it very helpful to just focus on getting really good at one thing. Do it over and over. They all have an Options Team available to help you enter your orders. You have the tools now to find ways to do that. Sometimes the simplest is the most effective.

Because some of my accounts by law are limited to certain restrictions, I have to enter positions differently. Some are tax free, others are not. That was just dumb luck! Are you going to do that? My point is that Phil found a Wolf who had already achieved the Goal he wanted to attain. Sure, we all make mistakes — Phil and Joey too. But as we get more experience and more mature, we recognize them sooner and mitigate them quickly! That sting will give you a hard lesson.

However, if you have a real Wolf…someone who has achieved the GOAL you are trying to achieve…not a bunch of newbies trying to figure it all out together…a real WOLF like Phil, Joey and Jeff…then you will get better and reach your goals faster. No one is paying me a commission or them to tell you guys to listen to get some additional training.

I met a person who thought he new what he was doing. He had 8 months of successful trades. He was getting lucky because he was breaking some rules but getting away with it. Market would reverse direction. I have been following Phil since attending a Seize the Day seminar in Atlanta a few years ago.

From that I attended a 2 day introduction to Rule 1 investing where Phil made an appearance. On Both of these occasions I was very impressed with Phil and his ability to make investing sound do-able for the average person. I have been paying for the Rule 1 tools and watched the 3 videos on the site. But, what to do next? For a couple of weeks prior,I had been contemplating sending an email to support to ask if Phil was offering any training and here it was!

I knew that this was going to be one heck of an opportunity. I have to say that this Workshop did not disappoint! It was the most valuable,educational,entertaining, and fun learning experience That I have ever had!!! I would describe it more like a learning party than a seminar.

The amount of knowledge and insight Phil and Joey gave us was incredible. I met some great people, and talked Rule 1 investing with them. Also,special mention has to go out to Garrett and Michael D.

After spending three days around Phil and Melissa, Michelle, Joey and Jeff you can really see how truly passionate they are about this stuff. I talked with Jeff before leaving Sunday, and I will be starting his 6 month course soon. If you are attending the Course in April my suggestion is to make sure you have a free Paper Trading account with Sink or Swim ASAP, and learn how to get into their charts, look at option chains and how to enter and option trade.

Use their thinkback feature. If you can successfully navigate these areas of the site it will make it easier to keep up with Joey! He is an options Monster! I came up with this analogy today while describing what he taught us to my brother.

How often is that going to happen? Well I can assure you it has never happened to me, but Joey has obviously worked long and hard to develop the strategies he taught us and he handed over the keys this weekend!

Best of luck to everyone who reads this and has decided to take control of their financial future, and as Garrett has said on this blog many, many times…To your wealth! It is the night after and I am still excited. For some of the other rulers who attended this weekend lurking out there on the blog and I KNOW you are out there with the same feeling as I have. Yep, I said it! You are NOT alone.

I do have a solution for that issue though. Yes Garrett, in my head my hands are flailing around as I type. LOL We can do it folks. I have faith in me and the rest of us! I am just laughing so hard! Its the Italian in me. I need a night to process. Before you know it you will the A-list person in the staring role. Get use to it, as its coming.

Until then, get to scooping. It was an awesome weekend and besides learning a ton of new information it was really fun. The people there are so helpful and although I feel that I understand a fraction of what was presented I now have at the very least a rough sketch of what is possible.

There are many people that I did not get to meet but I hope that I will some time in the future. April Rulers are in for a great experience. In my Personal Opinion you guys know what that mean right, loll Tom H, you really are in the right place.

Jeff Town is a pure gentleman, very patient, open hearted, and supporting. I just finished 2 weeks ago the 6months Cash Flow Course online and got it again live this weekend, crazyyy! Then after few months you can move into derivatives advanced trading and options with almost no risks whatsoever with Joey Miller or go with Phil Town Live classes where he teaches how, when to acquire the BEST companies, using different techniques, at a ridiculously low prices and having them cost you nothing in the long run.

Wanna roll with this crew until I reach a level of autonomy and literacy where I can transmit in my turn and benefit others. Opportunities like the one we had in Atlanta couple days ago will reoccur. BUT, instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting for stars to align like I did for a while , try to go ahead and buy yourself freedom. Is there a group of people — an elite, that gets private information and others not???

First Phil, Joey and their crew are modest, humble people. Trust me really humble, humble and simple people you can easily sit at their table for lunch, have a convo, a laugh, crack jokes.. Cause it just takes activating links to get us access into their courses…!! One of the reasons is because we tend to learn better something when he have our money involved. Imagine someone got it for free. When he have our money in play versus getting something for FREE, our level of commitment is not the same.

And since in these courses, higher leveraged instruments are used, none of them wants to take the risk of teaching it without a certain level of commitment from us from the start.

Because compared to basics discussed here, a misuse of a leveraged instrument wipe out a whole account in a second.

Hello to everyone we met at the weekend from Paul and Melody from Canada. Well actually I am Irish.


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