Mike norman forex. My 5-day intensive online Forex course is coming up. I will teach you everything you need to know to be.

Mike norman forex

Forex is the most misunderstood market

Mike norman forex. Michael norman is an outdated, old, insulting, scamming, not true to his word man!!! I'd suggest that anyone thinking about signing up to his "Forex.

Mike norman forex

Do you want to learn to trade? Is your dream to become a professional trader? Do you want to be able to apply a set of skills and knowledge in the high action world of foreign exchange trading, making thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands monthly? Or, perhaps, your goal is to gain some additional income without having to spend lots of time that might take away from your current job or profession.

My name is Mike Norman. Besides trading, my background is in economics. I have been a follower and proponent of Modern Monetary Theory MMT for years and have helped to educate many people with respect to its very important tenets. If you are a follower of MMT you may also be interested to know that I have incorporated the insights of this economic school of thought into my trading approach.

For many of you, trading is perhaps something you have tried in the past only to lose money and become frustrated. Maybe it has even become a kind of a gambling-type habit that leads to negative results. Over my four decades in the markets I made so many mistakes and lost tons of money. The pattern I fell into was one of minor success followed by huge failure, over and over and over again.

It took me years to figure out what I was doing wrong and many more years to correct my mistakes and develop the traits and mindset of a successful trader. Most people would have quit and that probably would have been the right decision, however, one thing kept me going…I was stubborn. I was determined to figure it out. It was only through a difficult process of trial and error, observation and adjustment that I finally put together the analytical techniques and mental traits necessary to achieve success.

When I did finally reach that level the thousands and tens of thousands came easier than the hundreds did in my earlier days. My personal experience showed me that trading success was teachable. It was a teachable skill. When that happens you will be rewarded with an amazing lifestyle that brings you the monetary rewards and freedom that you always dreamed of.

The path to my own success also made me realize that all the things the so-called experts teach you with regard to trading are wrong. The accepted wisdom is nothing more than a recipe on how to lose. What is sold or offered up as expert advice and insight is more often than not a path to losing money. It should be no wonder why so many people lose when it comes to trading.

Losing is even praised. Personally, I hate to lose. The market is not against you nor is it for you. It feels the same whether you win or whether you lose, however, both winning and losing are choices. You can choose to win or, you can choose to lose. Nothing can be further from the truth. In my course I will show you how to "read" the market in such a way as to make losses very rare. I know it sounds crazy or too good to be true, but when you know what causes the market to move; when you know in advance how other traders are going to react, you can position yourself in such a way that their actions will cause you to get the results you are after from every position.

That means profit in most cases or, break-even when the trade is not working out. Imagine the confidence you will have when you know that no matter what trade you put on, you have the ability to work yourself out of it without ever taking a loss. When I decided to give courses my goal, initially, was simply to educate people. I thought that most folks were probably making the same mistakes that I had been making and they needed someone who could show them how to avoid those pitfalls and put them on a path to success.

Then something amazing happened. The more I taught the more I improved as a trader. I discovered that when you have to explain your ideas and actions to others it makes you become even more deeply aware of the process involved in bringing about the results that you are after.

Each time I taught it was like peeling away a layer of an onion and discovering something new. I became much better at my own game. Back in I was introduced to MMT. Up until that point I was deeply stuck in the flawed economic ideas as beliefs of the mainstream. MMT opened my eyes. It was sheer enlightenment. In I began my blog and very quickly I became friends with some really smart, thoughtful people who had become readers. In the meantime, I was personally putting the concepts of MMT to use in my trading.

No longer was I doing certain trades that I used to do in response to changes in fiscal and monetary policy. I saw, clearly, what the outcomes of these policies would be and at the same time I saw how the crowd was completely getting it wrong.

My account balance started to really climb. The macro picture became clear and predictable. So did market reaction to data and economic news. At the same time the body of writing and discussion of MMT was growing, but it was all purely academic. What could be better, I thought, than to show people how to apply these concepts; show them how to actually put them to work to make money and accrue financial wealth instead of just discussing theory?

Part of my reason to teach was to give people a practical and valuable reason to understand MMT. It was my way of spreading the ideas and in so doing we would be picking the pockets of the out-of-paradigm ideologues that inhabit much of mainstream economics and Wall Street. Once I started teaching my proprietary trading methods, the MMT insights and my Mental Game concepts the testimonials and personal stories from students started pouring in.

The comments were simply amazing. I had so many people thanking me and telling me how, after years of steadily losing in the markets, they became profitable immediately after finishing my course. They spoke of increased confidence, reduced stress and growing account balances. Many called it a life change. The feedback was unbelievably gratifying.

Let me share a few of these comments with you:. It has made a big difference in my trading. Again, thank you for taking the stress out of trading for me. I like your method. It works very well for me! I can't thank you enough for providing such a valuable course at such a great value. It is incredibly intuitive and makes the market work for you. We did not experience a single losing trade during my week with Mike. Without much prior forex experience, I feel as though I have been doing it for years.

Anyone that wishes to trade profitably must take this course. It has allowed me to systematically identify profitable trading opportunities while harnessing an intellectual and emotional framework to seize upon them.

This is just a small sampling. Please feel free to read many more testimonials here. It just excited me to think that I could educate my own little army of traders to go out into the markets and slowly but surely take some of the money away from this misinformed, self-important bunch. I was doing the work of the good guy.

Before I give you a peek at what I teach in my Forex course let me just say that over my 35 years as a trader I have traded everything. Stocks, bonds, commodities, futures, options, all kinds of derivatives, you name it. However, nowadays, I exclusively trade Forex and let me explain to you why. The Forex markets have huge advantages. The Forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world. It has lots of volatility, plenty of leverage and true, hour action.

Forex markets tend to move in long and highly defined tends because they are affected by things such as fiscal policy, monetary policy, trade policy and geopolitics.

These are things that tend to stay constant or moving in one direction for long periods of time. They also correlate very well with political cycles.

Contrast that with individual stocks, which are much more influenced by quarterly earnings. The forex markets can also be used as a proxy for just about any macroeconomic portfolio trade.

For example, if you are bullish on commodities or, gold, you can buy the Canadian dollar or Australian dollar. If you think oil is going up you can short the Japanese yen since Japan is a big importer of oil. The best thing about the Forex market, however, is that you don't pay commissions when you trade. This fact makes Forex the most cost effective market for a trader.

Oh, yeah, one more thing…thanks to the Internet you can trade Forex from the privacy of your home, office or even your smart phone or tablet. So if you are a stock trader or options trader or futures trader you can still profit using same analytical principles and personal psychology lessons that I teach in my course.

Simply that once you know how to trade, you can trade anything. The principles of success are the same. First and foremost, my Forex Course is designed to teach you quickly and effectively how to trade the Forex markets and like I said, other markets like a pro.

I am going to teach you how to generate significant income for yourself with a minimum of time and effort. Consider it a "boot camp" where you'll learn all the strategies and tactics that I put together from my years as a floor trader and money manager.


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