China forex expo 2014. China Forex Expo 1, views · China Forex Expo Interview UFX Partners - Duration:

China forex expo 2014

Speech from FXMATE --- 2016 China Forex Expo (2016深圳金融商博会)

China forex expo 2014. China Forex Expo 1, views · China Forex Expo Interview UFX Partners - Duration:

China forex expo 2014

The 6th China Forex Expo brings together forex brokers, IBs, binary options leaders, affiliates , investors as well as technology solution providers for two days of learning, updating, networking and discovery. Join us on Friday and Saturday, Dec. Director of Prime Services at Invast Global, she is an experienced financial services professional who responsible for optimising liquidity and trading account conditions.

Wendy specialises in providing multi-asset prime services to retail brokers, hedge funds, trading firms and banks around the world.

Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese and English. Enrico Malverti is a systematic trader and one of the pioneer of the fintech industry in Italy. He has developed automated trading systems for institutional clients on stocks, bonds, Forex and futures for over 16 years. He is the author of several best-seller books about trading systems and technical. He has also been an appreciated speaker at numerous national and international seminars on automated trading for almost fifteen years in Italy, UK and USA.

Isme has spent more than 30 years in the retails financial investment business. Isme possess a wealth of knowledge in the Forex industry and he is also a writer. Simon Chang immigrated to Australia in Bob Hawke to facilitating investment opportunities for Telstra in China. Simon was also amongst the first to bring Nobel Price Economics laureates such as Paul Krugman recipient and Alvin Roth recipient to China for high level speaking engagement and meetings.

JBP Group, where Mr. Chang is the chairman, has registered HKD Privatefund manager, the managing director of Shanghai Weiti Investment Consulting. The national registered senior gold investment analyst. The national vocational senior foreign exchange investment analyst. Having experience of being a first line trader and analyst in big investment banks at home and abroad for more than 20 years.

It's well said in "I Ching" that the eternal unchanging is ever changing! Mastering Macro Micro and Political Economics, proficient in trading psychologyis and stock operation. Experience of being a special commentator of many chinese authoritative traders banks and financial and economic media and a trader managering funds in large and medium-sized financial groups in China. He is dedicated in the analysis of finance trend for seven years and write articles for mainstream financial media, which has won him the honorary title as an outstanding analyst.

He is good at making different investment strategy combinations to strictly control risks. He is mainly involved in the study of precious metals, stock index futures, foreign exchange, average and K line theory, and the indicators.

Senior gold invetment analyst, Senior precious metals trading division, Senion crude oil trading division, Vice president of chamber of commerce in Ningxia province, Vice president of the financial industry self-discipline union. He is the vice-president of FX Institute of Economics and Finance, a senior financial analyst, a registered financial planner CFP and a national gold investment analyst.

His teaching style is humorous, passionate and easy-understanding. And he is a good speaker who has a lot of viewers. He is invited by many popular financial medias as a forex analyst. In his role, he developed premium educational trading courses and effectively trained hundreds of people. Mr Zambrano has been trading since and uses a simple trend following system in combination with macroeconomic themes and quantitative trading indicators.

Serial entrepreneur, Columbia University Ph. He has working experience in the electronics industry as director of operations, general manager and management consultant, serving the long history of asset management funds and trading platforms in the financial industry for more than 10 years.

He found that trading can be viewed as a competition sport, Tug of war or Rope War. Using his finding, he developed a risk management system, Rope War Trading methodology which focus on avoiding revenge trading and over trading.

Fran is now coaching his trading methodology regularly online and also help Fund management companies on controlling risks of trading. He is the vice prrsident of the EA league, the president of Daxin Capital and special commentator in many financial websites.

With 7 years experience in financial industry, he concentrates on investment in front-line and trading, building several trading models and being invited to attend many lectures.

Graduated from the school of economics and management in Wuhan University, he has the qualification of gold traders an examination about gold in national level. He ever worked as a gold trader in famous financial institutions in China. And he has rich experience in trading foreign exchange, precious metals and oil. Besides, he is proficient all kinds of technical analysis methods and tools.

He is graduated from finance major in a famous Chinese university. He is experienced in foreign exchange,and stock for ten years. These years, he is devoted to research,analysis and risk management. Studied in the central University of finance and economics in China and then studied at Coventry University, a prestigious British institution, for a master's degree in Global Financial Trading.

He is the chief market researcher and analyst at the Chinese Buyyin. He is a speaker, analyst, researcher and commentator. He has practical experience for many years and his own unique trading theory. And his focus is on wave theory and financial derivative research.

He is an analyst in FX and precious metal for up to 7 years. His articles have been recognized by the market and he is invited to write a column on "Capital Weekly. In , he was also invited by RTHK to participate in radio programs. As the theory advocate and communicator of the Chinese-style communication architecture, he is proficient in building brand information, PR communication and Internet marketing planning.

With more than 10 years experience in major financial institutions all over Asia, Jimmy's expertise includes Forex, Stocks and Bonds. His research publications have been regularly published in wellknown financial media such as Bloomberg, ChannelNewsAsia and Business Times.

His insightful work in Bloomberg covered market reports, analysing moves of central banks and forecasting price trends. I was also lucky to have taken part as a speaker to a panel, great experience. Join us for an exciting presentation where we show you how to trade the start of the European session from a London expert, the capital of Forex trading.

While the economies of the fifteen countries that were in the European Union EU15 in will continue to grow from now until , they will not be able to match the surges in growth that will occur in South and East Asia. India's economy will also continue to grow, although significant constraints both political and economic will keep it from reaching China's levels.

The projected decline of the EU15's global share of GDP means that liberal Asian nations will be poised to take up the role of promoting liberal democracy across the globe. The speaker will share practical trading experience and introduce the space-time trading theory which is created by himself.

And he will lead the audiences to the time zone of trading from the space field and elaborate how to make profit stably in the long run. When you trade you use which indicator most? Could you plain your own way of risk managment.

The application prospect of block chain technology in instant communication. The exception is in the realm of instant messaging. We will wait and see what will happen between blockchain technology and instant messaging. We made a lot of new contacts, plus saw a lot of old contacts.

Our company was pleased with the turn out. The coffee bar provided good attention and provided us with the atmosphere we wanted. Brought to You by: It is a two-day event for traders, investors, affiliates, IBs, fintech companies and brokers from across China and the world. The China Forex Expo is also a great opportunity for brokers from around the world to promote their online forex trading platforms and get direct access to the most exciting forex market here in China.

Tens of thousands attendees are expected at the two-day high-level event. We welcome you to register and share with us! I was so happy to be here.

Forex Scalping Trading Strategy for the European Session Open Join us for an exciting presentation where we show you how to trade the start of the European session from a London expert, the capital of Forex trading.

How to trade to keep profit in long term Speakers: Xuyaxin from FX Group The New Era of Finance Speaker: Irreversible trading trends Global Market Analysis.

The analysis of the Chinese forex ecosystem when all brokers are only self-disciplined in China. Register Now Thousands of attendees registered so far! Register QQ Skype Top. Chinese Forex Market Panel Discussion The process of RMB internationalization under the Belt and Road Initiative The impact dollar rate hike has on the global financial markets Will institutional investors become the trend of investment in the future?

Finance Panel in Chinese Topic: Xuyaxin from FX Group. The new trend of gold trading. How gold traders capture the opportunities ahead of the market under the new trend. English Panel Discussion Topic: Could you plain your own way of risk managment 3,How do you think about robotrading or EA?

Is it good or bad for trading? What will you do for the client loyalty. The analysis of the Chinese forex ecosystem when all brokers are only self-disciplined in China Speakers: Po Bing--Chinese famous analyst.


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