Forex di brunei. Forex trading in Brunei so far is only legal for the big guys like the bankers. The Brunei Government through the Ministry of Finance (MOF) clearly prohibits any company or individuals that are not a licensed financial consultant to offer forex trading to the public. The MOF also repeatedly warned the public.

Forex di brunei

Is Currency Trading (Forex) Halal or Haram? Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein 2011

Forex di brunei. I wanna learn to get some money, and I've heard that people gain money by forex trading. But not sure if halal or haram. I did my own research.

Forex di brunei

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Help a beginner Please self. I wanna learn to get some money, and I've heard that people gain money by forex trading. But not sure if halal or haram. I did my own research, what I found is in Brunei, forex trading ani harus hukumnya, so please klau salah, gtau saja before starting. I did some researching on this because I too was considering Forex trading. Kalau inda confident dapat profit kira gambling sudah tu. Then, it becomes haram. If it is haram, then Banks should get shut down first.

On another note, if you decide to trade forex, there's Islamic account for Muslim forex trader. Your account will be excluded from swaps whether it is positive or negative swaps. Oh, I didn't know about the Islamic account thing. Guess I have to do more research and the bank thing is true though. Try earning money by utilizing your skills, provide a service, instead of Forex trading. Thanks haven't watch the video though. I'd love to use my skills coding, photoshop, video editing, animation, beginner level hacking but as an A-level student with a crappy cheap laptop, forex seems like a way I can make some cash to buy a new better laptop but the hukum and all makes me have to consider it very carefully.

I find forex interesting. It's a very high risk, high reward thing. When you start, it's pretty much a gamble. I know a guy who making a couple of thousand every month from forex full time, give or take.

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