Forex expo dubai 2015. ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ О МОШЕННИЧЕСТВЕ. До нашего сведения дошла информация, что некие мошенники представляются агентами TRADING CENTRAL в России. Хотели бы напомнить,что TRADING CENTRAL НЕ ИМЕЕТ представительства расположенного в России. В случае,если с вами связывалась.

Forex expo dubai 2015

Forex Trading Tips in Dubai

Forex expo dubai 2015. ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ О МОШЕННИЧЕСТВЕ. До нашего сведения дошла информация, что некие мошенники представляются агентами TRADING CENTRAL в России. Хотели бы напомнить,что TRADING CENTRAL НЕ ИМЕЕТ представительства расположенного в России. В случае,если с вами связывалась.

Forex expo dubai 2015

With more than eight years of experience in focusing on foreign exchange and global economic developments, as well as central bank policies and intermarket analysis global markets relationships , Nour Eldeen dominates the markets. At these companies, he led the team of analysts to success, which included holding a number of seminars and educational sessions. He also predicted and warned about the financial crisis before it hit.

He served in many organizations and departments as Fx Analyst, Treasury Analyst and Strategist over the past eight years.

Nour Eldeen was honored to participate in the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, where he held a session explaining the upcoming economic challenges and his predictions for a future global crisis.

Nour Eldeen is a regular on many major TV networks several times each such as: He is the founder of NourHammoury. His goal is to expand the knowledge of the Middle Eastern users. He operates on the following principles: Alexander is one of the world-famous experts on the foreign exchange market.

Wissam Al Sallakh is a highly experienced financial market analyst who has extensive knowledge and a strong presence in the MENA region. Al Sallakh has diverse technical analyst skills and strong knowledge of the fundamentals which affect the financial markets in general but also possesses the outstanding ability to scrutinise the foreign exchange markets for trading opportunities.

Al Sallakh has exceptional training and education skills which he uses to support traders in financial and economic events in the region as well as providing numerous training courses and seminars for financial markets participants. Al Sallakh is a high profile analyst who is regularly featured as a guest speaker in several financial and economic television programmes. His comments are frequently used as quotes in popular print publications as well as receiving online coverage in international financial markets on a regular basis.

Simon-Peter Massabni is a professional sales consultant and has worked in the Forex market for more than 10 years. His seminars covered critical issues faced by traders such as trading essentials, risk management, basic and advanced fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamentally Richard Churchman is an expert at using advanced statistical techniques to solve a variety of commercial, financial and risk problems using client data assets or data assets that he has created.

He uses this title very reluctantly considering it an accidental bi-product of staunch client orientation and problem solving on their behalf. Richard has a truly international experience and has amassed a professional reputation amongst an international client base as a person who can be relied upon to independently solve problems where others cannot.

Richard is Managing Partner at Cypher Data Ventures where he specializes in the development of proprietary real-time data mining software and predictive analytics for corporate clients with an intrinsic need to innovate. Peter Leonidou has dealt directly with developing businesses within financial institutions, corporations, retail and HNW individuals on an international scale.

He has a strong technology background and in-depth experience of the financial markets and trading operations in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia. He is fluent in English and Greek. Peter Leonidou is also known for setting up businesses for: Peter Leonidou looks forward to constantly moving on to greater challenges and opportunities and he treasures the opportunity to work with other experienced individuals that share the same passion for the industry.

Ricardo Evangelista is an analyst with several years of Financial markets experience in four languages. He is a regular contributor to British and Portuguese media.

Ricardo is experienced, with a track-record of success in selling and developing business within the competitive IT and financial services industries; operating across several countries. Previous client bases ranging from private individuals, small local businesses, blue chip companies and government agencies.

Fady Kamel has a wide experience in the economic field; whether in the local stock markets, the international ones or the Forex for more than six years. For more details, visit: Amro has over 14 years of global financial markets experience gained throughout his tenure as a regional and global director of multiple tier 1 financial brokerage firms.

He is Consulted by banks, brokerage firms, family offices, and HNIs on how best to participate in global markets as investors, traders, or service providers. Expertise include Fixed Income derivatives, Prime Brokerage, market making, trading desk, electronic trading, proprietary trading, My trading experience includes FX, CFDs, income securities, hedge funds, precious metals, structured products, and options. Marshall has a unique intuition in the financial markets and is a global expert in the field of fundamental analysis.

For more details, visit www. The shows provided the perfect platform for both clients and companies to meet and learn about the latest advancement in the FX industry. Ruby Chokor, Marketing BogoFinance.

These trade shows are innovative marketing platforms which target a large range of retail Forex traders and B2B companies. My first expo with Arabcom Group in paved the way for my first interview with the media. We all know the quality of people who join us, including our competitors who are basically our partners. Thank you for bringing us to Dubai. We've always been loyal to Arabcom Group which opened the door to all financial institutions and analysts. Swissquote Bank Ltd is the leading provider of online financial services in Switzerland.

It is a recognized public bank supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, which means that creditors and investors of the company are protected by the Swiss banking security standards. Swissquote also ranks among the top 10 online Forex brokers in the world, empowering over , private investors and institutional clients to trade a wide range of currencies, commodities and indices. Always at the forefront of technological innovation, it develops cutting-edge solutions and analysis tools to meet the needs of its clients, whether they are beginners or experts.

For introducing brokers, money managers and institutions looking for a reliable partner or white labelled technology and liquidity solutions, Swissquote has the tools, experience and knowledge to exceed your expectations.

Swissquote Group has offices in multiple locations in Switzerland, as well as in Dubai, London, Malta and Hong Kong, to serve customers in over countries. Swissquote is proud to be the official bank of the 15th MENA Forex Show and will be pleased to share its expertise with all visitors. The FX City is a Forex social network. With The FX City, you may engage in the network to gain more knowledge and to share your experience along with following the companies news and offers through their profiles.

The FX City provides a great place to rate and review companies based on their business category. Through this area, you may rate your service provider and review them!

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