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Interactive brokers forex peace army

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Interactive brokers forex peace army. I guess these clowns can't trade and need someone to blame. Love the CFD indexes, best part of Axi without a doubt. Interest paid on account balance, spreads are great during normal market hours. Slippage is not bad, I have experienced a lot worse with Interactive Brokers (you don't know what slippage is until you trade.

Interactive brokers forex peace army

A settlement was reached. Click here to see the files at the NFA website. I was ATC brokers client and I will say they are the best in the market. Aug 6, - 5 Stars i trade with ARC brokers for more than 1 year and really they are the best trading orders execution withdraw excellent.

I have been trading for 12 years, and writing my own EA's for about 3 years. This is important for all to know - ATC is probably about the BEST option for selecting a broker, and I did a lot of research, and have been testing in both a live and demo account with this firm for a couple of months. Dave Manoukian and Alex Hajinyan are my two primary POCs, both of which have been incredible to get to know, and bounce various ideas off of them, and learn their platform.

What is cool about ATC is if you actually encounter a real issue on a live account not that is matters much if its a demo account but errors should still be reported , ATC are super honorable and will actually look into it, verify your errors,and either reimburse for the trade or figure out what the difference is and apply it to your account - I have yet to encounter a live account trading error, again, today will be my first day actually trading on a live account with ATC, not testing with a live account to optimize my EA's, so it will be an interesting day, evening, rest of the week.

To close this review, I strongly recommend this firm if you are a serious trader looking to make real money that can actually be withdrawn.

And remember, the broker only firms serve as a conduit between the liquidity pools and the traders, so if something goes wrong, even though it should be the thieving liquidity pools or BROKER? DEALER firms paying you for errors or intentional delaying of entrance or closing of trades, or opening the spread super big right after you take a trade, among other little tricks they pull, the broker bears the burden to take care of its client and then take it up with the liquidity pool afterward.

As unfortunate as it sounds, most firms will scam your money, then suddenly your account drains to nothing, and you try and do a withdraw request with whatever your balance is remaining, and then they just disappear. I have lost tens of millions from the mom and pop donut shop smaller liquidity pools - I try and work with BROKER ONLY firms who are in with the Prime of Primes, but it is inevitable your trades will often times not get taken by the PoP banks, who the PoP's will relinquish who they are, but ask to get the name of the shady thieving smaller pools - not so much!

Why do you think they don't want you knowing who they are? And I am not talking about the Broker, rather the liquidity pools. ATC gets 10 stars from me, and I will come back at the end of this week and let everyone know how the actual live trading goes, if there are any errors I catch, if so what happened with complete transparency.

ATC deserves to have a good name as I feel thus far, and anyone bad mouthing a firm like ATC being a broker only firm, usually has no clue how to trade, loses their money, then blames it on the firm.

We all win and lose, the key is to develop a good strategy, not be greedy, have patience, and watch your screens like a hawk who never sleeps during the trading week.

Hope this helps everyone to realize ATC is a real deal firm, with amazing representatives, and I fully trust in ATC as of current, and hope that continues to build into a long lasting relationship.

ATC Brokers after detection of profitable trader rejected to open the real account. This broker is just waste of time they love just unprofitable traders.

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our valued clients for the outpour of support and loyalty you have shown to ATC during our Chapter 11 reorganization. Clients chose their own money managers and signed a Power of Attorney in order to allow another party to trade on their behalf. FXCM provided their clients with their back office access to monitor all trading activity during the time their trading account was managed by the POA.

ATC has prided itself as being one of the most honest and transparent brokerage firms in the industry. It is unfortunate that we were penalized for believing in a faulty system where we thought justice would prevail. Nonetheless, we cannot change the events that have transpired and are glad we can put this behind us and continue to focus on new developments and technology as well as expanding both our US and UK operations.

For more information, please visit our website. I have had an account at this broker for 3 years now and have never had any issue with Dave or his staff.

As our records indicate you are, or you may have, traded an account through ATC, we want to inform you about how your trading account is structured with FXCM. I have been trading with ATC for approximately fine years, with Live and Demo accounts running concurrent. Years ago, I had some problems, but they were actually rooted with FXCM, and so was compensated appropriately. Knowing a lot about forex trading with vast experience over many years, I think that ATC gives a significant enough "edge" over other brokers to make profits possible.

I would not consider changing brokers under current conditions, and if it would come to that, I would most likely stop trading in the forex market. I have used demo accounts with many others for comparison over time, and I have yet to find another broker that comes close to meeting my needs. Even with the commissions involved, I find that in comparison, trading costs are still lower than ANY of the others I have used. I offer a definite five stars. In the event of a margin call, ATC does not close all positions, giving a trader a massive advantage while avoiding large expenses to re-enter positions.

The support is superior to any others that I have had accounts with Their system is very reliable with very few server problems, that are quickly resolved. Though they charge a small commission, the profit comparison to others is greater because of the much lower spreads. I personally ran multiple demos on different stations to verify this.

Simply put, they want you to succeed and will help you in any way they can. This broker is as honest as they come. Tight spreads, fast execution, very transparent and customer service driven. I am very happy and satisfied and would recommend them to my fellow traders. I have been with ATC for about 2 years.

I have been trading FX for 8 years. ATC has been the best broker for me. Very good broker been using them for over a year. Customer service is exceptional. Video Your company video here? Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. Page 1 of


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