Ocean sky forex reviews. Everything was closed suddenly. If this guy is greatly successful, does anyone think its funny not to pay back clients funds that's been over 1 year overdue? Oh yej and his Instagram pictures is nothing more of mansions and lambo cars. His Instagram ID is OceanSky. Click to expand Ocean Sky no longer.

Ocean sky forex reviews

OceanSky - Forex 101 Basic Course Part 2

Ocean sky forex reviews. The latest Tweets from Reza Mokhtarian (@RealOceanSky). Forex Trader | Motivator | Entrepreneur - Follow Me For Free Daily Trading Signals, Market Analysis & Business Advice. Join The Family Today! Refresh. Team Ocean Sky @TEAMOCEANSKY · Daily Bible Promise @dailybible · Tom Dante @Trader_Dante.

Ocean sky forex reviews

I've been using Vantage FX as my broker. I'm very happy and don't want to change if I don't have to. It's recently been brought to my attention that Vantage are partnering with OceanSky. A few Google searches later about who this guy actually is and I'm a little worried.

This is from a forex peace army review: VantageFX had just signed a partnership agreement with a multi million dollar scam artist, Reza Mokhtarian, a. Reza is also in a partnership agreement with FXChoice. VantageFX does a background check for criminal history through a Reuter's software, and found Reza has a clean slate. Of course it is because Reza resolved his dirty work behind closed doors when he owned Capital Trust Markets search inside forexpeacearmy forums and reviews.

Nothing would be documented and the proceedings recorded. He then created Mentortips when he decided he had many followers wanting to "earn while they learn". The reason I am sharing this info in the VantageFX broker thread is because who would want to open an account with a broker who's reputation is now tainted by one man? Of course they would be in partnership with Reza, as long as they're making money, right? Currently, various agencies are conducting official investigation on Reza when he scammed many rich individuals of approx.

For now, everything is just a matter of "opinion", but when Reza goes under, VantageFX and FxChoice is the last broker you want to open an acct. Allegations you have made to the contrary are completely false and misleading. If you are a profitable trader then we encourage you to trade with Vantage FX on our RAW ECN account and see for yourself that our trading conditions and withdrawal processes are transparent, fast and simple. Holy cow, that Reza is a rotten apple. It reflects badly on Vantage FX if they do business with such a character.

I follow Reza on Instagram. I have read about his past but his followers genuinely love him. I have been with them quite a while: If not a robot behind their execution to trade against you, this is with a positive judgement a very weak system 2- Close of a position takes more than opening it and sometimes their system takes 20 to 30 seconds to close a position in quite a calm and steady market.

Oh look, first post too. It's kind of sad that you would sign up to this forum just to bag your broker when obviously you were the one that made the mistake, not them. How about Reza trying to go mainstream these days. In my opinion, he should have stuck to what he was doing.

Oh well, not my cash cow. This was a true story, I bought this experience thousands of dollars, now offering it for free to people, If you insist of loosing your money with them, that is absolutely up to yourself and is fine by me.

The way you talk, the word "News Trading" should be just a dream!?! I do not insist of convincing you, this is a place for review, and I did put a review. Maybe try the casino next time?

You can then sign up to BabyCasino. You had a punt trying to trade over Brexit and you lost. Take some responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming everyone but yourself. Hey guys, I've been using Vantage FX as my broker. Should Vantage be partnering with this guy or doesn't it mean anything? Added by Vantage FX on You lost money trading over Brexit huh


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