Supra forex review. - Supra Forex is not an automated Forex trading.

Supra forex review

Supra Forex Review

Supra forex review. After another few months experience in the forex industry I thought I would add another note to the reviews of supra. IT IS COMPLETE BS! Seriously, how the heck can Elliot claim to make more pips than any (or most) other manual trading systems WITHOUT USING INDICATORS!!! He doesn't even have.

Supra forex review

Website now redirects to FxFocus. What can I say about this. No replies from Elliot despite numerous mails. Since the website shows performance only till November I sent a mail asking to see performance for Dec to July but have not heard a thing from Mr. Just to show a trade entered today: Now just seeing if the sell trade triggers and hits SL too!!

Elliott is honest he should send me a reply to the mail I sent him today! Don't ever buy this software! It is not what it promises. I was foolish enough to have trusted in Elliott and the results were not good. Over a month, I found that the results were not what they published on their website.

The stop loss gets triggered very easily. I ask for my refund 3 times by e-mail within the stipulated period of 8 weeks but it seems that Elliott is completely ignoring refunds, so that goes to show what kind of person we are dealing with! This is simply terrible software. The website gives money back guarantee so I sent several email to Elliott asking for my refund. Do now waste your money in this software!

I just stumbled upon this page and after going through all the postings I find it really odd that all postings which are critical of the Supra forex system get only one or no star, while all the other posts which speaks highly of this system get four or five stars.

This is really suspecious. After another few months experience in the forex industry I thought I would add another note to the reviews of supra. Let me begin by saying that Elliot is very friendly and good in helping you operate supraforex. However thats where the good news ends.

I traded supraforex for just under two weeks and my results were dismal. I have kept a copy of my entries in case there are any disputes about errors in my trading. I dont know how Elliot claims to have made the pips on his performance page. Not only were both of my weeks worse than ANY week on the performance page which is around 2 years worth of trading. But the end result was a loss. Elliots results show not a single week of loss! This is no case of extreme bad luck folks. After experiencing many losses, I asked Elliot for his investor details twice to prove that his performance claims are genuine.

Both times my request was disregarded. The offer is still there Elliot. I will update this posting in your favour if you can show me 1 or 2 weeks of forward trading equal to or greater than the WORST performing week on your performance results page. Another refund request coming clickbank's way!

Performance stats on the website are lies. I've used for 3 weeks. The first week I made some pips on a demo account, but the following two weeks were losers, I lost over pips for the one week. The cumulative count of pips for the majors was horrible. Elliot assured me that he "continued to have success" which is impossible. I asked him to provide me with the data he used so that I can prove that it is impossible to have made a profit - he did not reply.

Stay away from Supra Forex. Refund on the way. I bought a Supra Forex copy 8 months ago and I can tell that if we follow all the manual rules including the advanced strategy the system makes money most of the weeks.

This System won't make a fortune overnight. It's a system that makes small but consistens profits every week averages pips per week on most of the currency pairs. Recently they released a new version that now offers daily signals as well. It appears to me that while the success rate on the daily signals is not as good as on the weekly, but these signals are more profitable at the end of most weeks.

IMO Supra Forex is a great system especially for the price. I'm surprised that they don't charge us a monthly fee for the systems. They are always upgrading the system and launching new versions which shows they really mean it when they say they offer us free upgrades. Hi I have been using Supraforex for about weeks. First trade was a loss on the eurusd, but these days the eurusd pair has been behaving strangely. Anyway to the point, I think the software is worth the money spent on it, as I traded gold for the past three weeks and all three weeks the targets were hit, with minimal management.

I dont think there are any systems I would trust totally on its own. One needs to apply your own analysis as well. So for me Supra forex is good even if I only trade Gold with it. Before people knock something please describe your experience in forex itself, and then proceed to describe your experience.

So thumbs up from me. I've been using the system for over three weeks now. The system is easy to use for anyone. The manual is written very well, and better than most manuals instructing the user. If you follow the system as outlined in the manual you will do fine. Good risk reward strategy is outline in the manual and if used as intended will yield positive trades. This is an excellent system for beginners and seasoned traders.

Using the system as instructed will yield profitable trades and end with a positive week. He has even answered questions which have nothing to do with his system. I highly recommend this system for anyone, particularly those who only have a few hours a week to trade, since most of your analysis is done Sunday after the close. The system has a great out of box quality, which I have not found with many systems over the past 12 months.

I give this softwar system an Excellent ting! Review and Ratings Trading Software supraforex. Company appears to be out of business. Live discussion Join live discussion of supraforex. Video Your company video here? Court cases Open 0 Resolved 0 Not guilty 0 Guilty 0. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

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