Trading forex wallpaper. Hi guys, I made rather simple but probably useful tool (wrote for myself actually) might be worth sharing, for people who trade news, or who consider news an important factor for trading. Even if you don't want trade around news, you might need to check red news hours to make your strategy more robust.

Trading forex wallpaper

Forex trading new wallpaper

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Trading forex wallpaper

Ever since I've started trading live in forex, it's been life-altering. Like they all say, demo trading is nothing like trading it live.

You would lose sleep for a long while. Why, you might even dream in forex terms like I have. It all gets too deep into your heads because it becomes so obsessive and emotional, mainly because there is real money on the line.

But you might start to take it personally, feel like the market is attacking you on purpose or feel like a failure when a trade fails. I sometimes have to sit and force myself to recite a few things, just to keep my emotions in check.

I have to remind myself not to get pulled in by the emotional currents of trading. I've learnt now why although forex is such a lucrative business, not the whole world is in it. That's because forex market has it ways of weeding out the weakling in the early stages, leaving more profits for the rest of the survivors. I want to be a survivor in this business. So, I've started making these wallpapers to make sure that happens. To remind me to make it happen. I invite you all to contribute what quotes move you, encourage you, or whatever made a light-bulb go off and made you think, whoa, that's it, I've never thought of it that way.

It seems to make so much more sense now. If you submit the quotes, and who said it, I'll be glad to turn them into wallpapers for all of you. They will be here at Forex Wallpapers. Great idea, but just for me personally the most encouraging thing is sound TA empowered by strict trade and money managment or vice versa.

That's very true Hunter, but us being human we are so susceptible to emotion sways. An experienced trader would be able to learn to control their actions, to follow their plan to the T, but an beginner needs and will learn a few valuable lessons before realizing how important discipline is. Maybe for me, being sometimes a little obsessive about certain things, my heart beats faster when I enter a trade.

These words just keep me in check, allowing me to sleep a little easier. The wallpaper at www. Forex Wallpapers, Keep yourself focused. To add comments, please log in or register. Dear Traders, Ever since I've started trading live in forex, it's been life-altering. They will be here at Forex Wallpapers Cheers.

Hiya That's very true Hunter, but us being human we are so susceptible to emotion sways. I'll using some for sure Regards Evelyn.


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