Abc trading system. A simple but powerful price driven forex trading strategy where I show the setup, entries, stops and profit.

Abc trading system

Forex Trading With Fibbonaci ABC Trading Analysis EXAMPLE!

Abc trading system. The following ABC trading strategy isolates turning points, as well as gets you into trending trades. The trade setup is quite simple, yet highly effective, and with a little practice you'll see the pattern often. It can be used on any time frame, and takes advantage of the natural tendency of markets to move in one direction for.

Abc trading system

As the title, this system is as easy as ABC to follow and that's the reason ABC was called to simplify trading but with more safety yet profitable trading style. The combination generated very good result and I decided to make a ultimate version of ABC trading system with more improve and optimize for almost every currency pair.

If you have any suggestion or question, feel free to comment below and I will reply asap. Keep in your mind that one should own good discipline and management in terms of money, risk, and mental in order to success in FOREX.

We should accept fails and get it up to do better next time. Entry line change colour to the direction, Stochastic, cross over of Trix. Previous candle has no lower shadow SELL: Previous candle has no upper shadow.

I'm not own these indicators. Full credit given to all of the indicators's creator. Thanks Leon - I'm looking forward to having a read through the link you've supplied. I've trying to extract the files but receive an error every time. Can you repost them?

Thanks for making this available! I had the same problem with winRAR but used winzip and worked like a charm. So heres a noob question, how do I load these indicators and systme? I reuploaded the zip file. I have no problem in extracting the zip. Let's see you still have error or not. I updated my post with instructions below download link.

Do you have error while extracting the zip? I enter when the yesterday candle closed in red colour and a new daily candle open. Haha sry for misunderstanding. Happy trading and do not ever try to stay and observe the chart because larger timeframe contains a lot of highs and lows in lower timeframe that will cause you to close a trade in the middle of the day when you got negative profit.

We are aiming hundred pips. The trend normally will last up to 2 or 3 days. Trailing stop may help. Depends on how long you want the trade to run. I prefer pips per trade that I enter at the begin of the day and just let it run to hit TP or SL. Always prepare for lose trade SL i always put at middle of previous bar or TP: You can apply this template to all major currency pairs and try look at history chart to see its performance.

Of course, every trading strategy has its lose trade. I working on these currency pairs. Feel free to try on cross pairs and see the result. Seems like the green line didn't turn purple before you went short and your stoploss is in the middle of the candle. So anyone try this system on anything besides a daily chart? Or does it only work under those conditions? Average turn around time? Free Forex Trading Systems. H4, D1 Entry Rules: Hey Leon, I've trying to extract the files but receive an error every time.

More backtesting is needed and hope you enjoy this system. Is that 30 pips or minus 30 pips? Btw thanks for helping with the setups, much appreciated.

I was wandering same. Is there any backtest result?


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