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Forex secrets pdf

4 Forex Successful trading Strategies,

Forex secrets pdf. Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager's Greatest Secret Revealed. 3. Individual Currency Analysis. 3. Case Studies. 4. Additional Forex Training. 5. I've realized what.

Forex secrets pdf

Because what we teach works! I learned how to trade Forex first. In fact Forex has always been my first love and my main love. It all started back in the mid-nineties after I graduated from University and joined the Thomas Cook Financial Services group, as a young, keen perhaps a little over zealous lad out of school and into their technology department. They taught me how the rates were constructed, what influenced the currency movements, how they traded the flow, and a complete insider view on fundamental influences, news, politics and of course technical charts.

I witnessed billions of dollars being dealt and millions being made. And I fell in love with Forex trading right there and then. Within months, I had moved out of technology and I was running the Forex trading and operations business out of Toronto, Canada for the Virtual Trading Desk.

We were so far ahead of our time, we won multiple awards for this innovation - beating the likes of Barclays and Charles Schwab — we had real-time Forex Trading and on else did.

I could see what it could do, I was in awe of the sheer size and scale. Because of my success with the Virtual Trading Desk, I was soon gobbled up by a big US Bank my signing bonus was more than my salary from my previous job and, as you can imagine, my parents were ecstatic!

I was now a Vice President in the Foreign Exchange business for a major investment bank Mellon Financial Corporation in the United States, not bad for a guy in his early twenties!

Here I was lucky enough to be working around some of the very best traders in the world — I had exclusive access working with high powered Forex traders every single day. Soros, Buffet etc you hear bandied around the Internet and in the media - but the real Forex traders who quietly toil away day after day, bringing in multi-million dollar fortunes for the investment banks, proprietary trading floors and hedge funds they work for.

Making money trading flourished - and it was at this time that I stumbled upon a concept that led to a complete shift in my thinking. Yes I had great bonuses, yes I had a fantastic salary — but boy did I have to put the hours in. Whilst all the time, my trading account was beating my salary into a pulp. In other words, the harder I worked the more money I made. Trading changed all of that for me.

I discovered that when you learn how to trade successfully, your perception of money changes forever. Book your free place now Call or visit www. So I continued trading, learning new strategies, testing everything I came into contact with. I proofed my strategies with the traders at work, at my bank and at other banks. This was where the money came from, and before long it was obvious to me that I did not need to be a salary slave anymore.

We all have our own journeys to experience, mine led me to the realisation that i could try and gamble this market — or i could use strategies that professionals use and that work. I am reminded of this nearly every day.

I decided that if Sir Isaac Newton can acknowledge this, so can I. At first it was friends and family — but before I knew it, I had 17 people camping out at my house trading on my lounge floor from laptops, and Knowledge to Action was born in only 3 short months. My partner suggested that seeing as I was so passionate about teaching people to trade, I should move the students the cult!

I also headline the major investment events IX, Euromoney and MasterInvestor to name a few and personally own one of the highest performing private trading floors which is registered and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in London.

It employs full time traders executing the very strategies I discovered on my travels around the trading floors of the world, and which I now impart to new traders who are committed to making this work for them too. Most of my graduates who have attended my Traders University programme become so expert at trading that they give up on technical analysis altogether.

What I mean here is, they only trade strategies. The strategies for trading stocks that I teach are legendary, and have been written about in best sellers, featured on popular news programmes and TV chat shows. When I sat down to write what I do in Forex — it literally took me six months.

After distilling the programme down so a lay person could understand it, it took another six months. Up until now, only a small group have been able to access these strategies.

We restrict ourselves to running only a small number of seminars per year, and everyone we teach undergoes a Live trader coaching programme to ensure they start and continue to trade successfully. So now, I want as many people around the world to benefit from this. Because no-one else does. I have always regarded myself as a pioneer.

I was the first person to bring professional 1-on-1 trader coaching to the UK — before I started trader coaching there were just one or two stock market training companies — you know the drill, a lot of hype and little substance. I was also the first and still only trading educator to put my neck on the block — by launching a LIVE trading floor where we actually published the actual trading accounts and results of our traders.

Most are just publishers. We prove our results and we have beaten every international benchmark since we started. There is no arguing with that — still weasels will whinge, whine and moan. This will really upset them Seriously, no love lost. Take them with my blessing and pass them on to your friends. I have nothing to lose. Anyway, without further ado What is the fuss all about? This is the playground of the Millionaire and even Billionaire trader.

In Forex you can literally create millions for yourself, if you use proper professional trading strategies. This marketplace has both the leverage and the accuracy to transform your trading career. The sheer size of this marketplace means that, unlike trading stocks, you can easily execute your trades at any time and get extremely tight spreads on your trading. This means the cost of dealing is low and the also the more you trade the cost stays fixed — so unlike stocks where you would expect the price to move the larger the order as brokers have to source enough stock for you to trade , the Forex markets are completely liquid and therefore are For this reason alone, Forex is the self-selected marketplace of choice of the Millionaire trader, due to its speed, efficiency, transparency and clarity of signal.

The More People, the Better the Signal For trading signals and strategies to actually work out, we need lots of traders to be agreeing with the signal.

Therefore participation is key! Given that Forex is the most participated market in the world, you can be sure that the signals are the clearest of any marketplace. If you have ever traded an ill-liquid stock in the past using technical analysis — you will know exactly what i mean. Illiquid stocks only need one participant to ruin an otherwise perfect technical setup. Due to magnitude of the Forex market, this noise from one or two individuals is smoothed out because of the sheer size - again.

This translates into reliable signals. The power comes when your trading strategies are reliant on trading these clear signals. Trading Strategies that work, are those which use these type of clear undeniable trading signals. This is a 24 hour marketplace, it never sleeps. This means that you can trade when you want. If you are an early bird, you will find setups on the major currencies at 7am.

The point is this, you will soon find the time frame and the currencies to monitor and you place the trades when you are available. Most traders think that the big money is made trying to scalp Forex — nothing could be further from the truth. The big money is made in Forex by setting up end-of-day trading strategies and letting these positions just run and run and bring you hundreds and thousands of pips.

Unlike the Stock market — the Forex market does not gap. A gap is a space on a chart where no trading takes place, leaving literally a physical white space on the chart. If you have bought some shares in a company only to discover a week later that the company is having problems and releases a profit warning. However, in the Forex market this risk does not exist. The Forex market is completely seamless — in other words there are no gaps except from Friday evening to Sunday evening when there are no trades.

The price at what you buy and sell is important. If there is a big difference between what is costs you to buy something and immediately sell it back to the market — it only follows that this contributes to a high cost of dealing.

In stocks, the difference between what you can buy and sell your stocks the spread is controlled almost exclusively by market makers. The spread changes often, and is a reflection of the amount of stock available at any given time. If there are lots of buyers and sellers then clearly the dealing risk is lower for the broker and this results in tighter spreads to the customer.

Take a look at the following example. A trader then would have to pay 80 points just to get into the trade. The spread is always fixed, so you always know exactly what prices you are dealing at.

There are, as said before, no size restrictions in the Forex markets. Create a free account Login. Embed or link this publication.


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