Mygtd meaning in trading. Mygtd meaning in be included, firms had to offer online trading of stocks, ETFs, funds and individual bonds.

Mygtd meaning in trading

What Trade Means

Mygtd meaning in trading. Investors are cautioned against such unauthorized SMSes / Emails from unknown sources and requested to not to rely on such SMSes or emails. Clients are advised to verify the genuinity of the source before initiating any trades in the said scrips. Sharekhan shall not be liable whatsoever for any losses incurred for trading.

Mygtd meaning in trading

Investing in share market can be a good way to fight inflation and make some extra money. If you are reading this article, you have probably get your Demat and Trading account opened with Sharekhan , researched well and are ready to buy shares now. If not, Read this article to learn about How to start investing in share market in India. Sharekhan is one of the top brokers in India and offers hassle free services. Sharekhan recently revamped their website.

I have bought some shares but my demat account is not showing any? Your account will show the shares at the time of settlement i. Similarly when you sell the shares , money is credited in your bank account after 2 days of transaction. Also the amount from your account is not deducted immediately after you buy shares, the balance is settled after 2 days of transaction. You can download Sharekhan app for both android and iPhone smartphone. Their app is having a rating of 3. Certainly it lakes some important features.

You have learned terminology used in order form , so its pretty easy for you to place order now. After placing order you can check and manage your portfolio by going to app dashboard and tapping on Eq Holdings. Years ago when online trading services were not available , people had to visit brokerage firm with suitcase. Most of people now prefer online trading as it has several advantages over offline trading. Still if you are not comfortable with digital stuff then offline trading is for you.

You must have funds in your account for completing orders. They have revamped their website recently and this is for good. Their website is much more faster now and it has really become easy to navigate through different options. So this was all for this post. Thanks for reading my post. Share if you find it helpful. After graduating from university with a degree in Printing Technology, Sudhir Sheoran quickly got his feet wet in the blogging world.

I still use sharekhan. To be honest, I have never faced a crash while using their website. I could not transferred money from sharekhan account to bank account once. They said they would send me a cheque instead of online transfer.

But later this issue was also resolved. Also I am using my sharekhan account since last 2 year without paying any yearly fee. Overall, I would give it a 4 out of 5. Also, one final question. Do you feel that the brokerage fee is higher comparatively and do you feel that the company plays with your money without your permission?

I believe a brokerage firm can set up different brokerage fee for different accounts. Talk to your broker directly about it and ask them if they can reduce your brokerage fee. Tell them other brokers are offering you lower fee.

Discount brokerage firms charge a flat fee per trade no matter how big or small your trade is. I am not very good at trading. Naaiiiiiiiiicc,thanks for the detailed explanation which at the same time is easy-to -understand for a novice in the world of stock trading.

I would like to hold my equities as long as i can, sooo which option i need to use when i buy the shares?? Place a normal order and you can hold your shares as long as you want. For example, I bought a share at Now I want to place a sell order which is valid till the date I have given using myGTD for a price of 95 to limit my loss exposure. I tried several ways but keeps getting rejected for my orders. I want sell the share at market once the price reaches 95 no matter the price.

Do let me know how to do this? Also how you use trailing stop loss for the same type. I mailed them regarding your query. Also, we wish to inform you that in case of a normal BUY and SELL, auto square off of position is not done and you may square off same to do an intra day trade.

Request you to kindly take a note of same. Their support email is — myaccount sharekhan. Saleable quantity is the amount available for sale. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You Might Also Like: How to start investing in share market in India? Comments Can you tell me the cons of Sharekhan? I heard that the website crashes often. Are you still using Sharekhan?

Thanks for your reply Sudhir. Your blogs are super amazing!! Thanks a lot for your reply! I am also using Sharekhan now for the past few months. Their services are good. I heard these two complaints about them. Can you write more articles related to stocks. Thankyou so much for the most intrinsic information i m looking from so long. How to place intraday order in Sharekhan and how it works can you please explain.

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