Blessing system forex strategy. Dear All,,, it's a nice thing to know you my biggest trading system.. and i named by BLESSING SYSTEM Green Pips v.1 and v.3 Trading System - Forex Trading.

Blessing system forex strategy

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Blessing system forex strategy. Blessing 3 Review. Get your digital edition of ⓘⓉⓇⒶⒹⒺ» Blessing System: Forex Trading Strategy Book PDF subscriptions and issues online from Joomag. Buy. Forex Trading Strategies and Systems. Return of commission with ZERO Fees Return of payment system Strategies; Trading Strategies; Blessing forex; blessing.

Blessing system forex strategy

Start trading without any investments and risks. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Please select a category to choose from: It's a grid trader with multiple settings and it has the potential to make some serious money.

However, if you are not careful it can also blow all your money. Therefore I have a theory, which I'm going to try here and if I'm right, which I'm sure I will be, I will be able to run this bot with limited draw down and fair profit.

The main problem with EA's are that they cannot adopt to market conditions. Most of these EA's use indicators to determine entries, but once these indicators produce false entries due to unstable market conditions you will find that your EA that made good money last month is no good anymore. So, how do we overcome this? As I said I have a theory and I'm putting it to the test.

Thanks for your contribution and determination to work on this project. I am waiting to get updates from you as soon as possible.

Originally Posted by fxinvestfund. But I don't think I have heard of the two indivators before. I will check my platform to see if I can get it and also test it on demo. But if it is not default, Can you just let us know how you got them.

Where can we get or download the EA so that we can test to see how profittable it is. I hope it will be a very good EA. You can download the EA here - http: It a free EA and you can also google Blessing 3. The tricky part is optimizing it to make profit. You see Blessing is a grid trading bot and if you do not know what you are doing you can seriously damage you account and even blow it up.

Down load the EA and do some backtesting for about 6 months to 12 months. Then select the best optimized setting and run it on demo for a month and see how it perform. I will be posting my set files shortly so you can test with me. At the end of the day this will become a subscribed service, but to show you that I trust in what I do I'm offering 30 days free trails.

But for know download, play and test. Get to know the bot and it's settings. If you do not know how to setup this ea on your chart click here - http: It looks like I might have two orders open for the weekend, but I will load new set files on Monday anyway, manage the open trades and continue once the basket has closed. Not Martingale Many people confuse a grid trader with martingale.

Blessing is a grid trader. Yes it multiplies the lot size after a loss, but it does not double the lot size. Also it will only enter a second trade if trend reversal has been detected. It uses build in indicators to determine the best entry position especial when building the grid. Many people let the DD's run and this is what causes the blow ups. This ea can be optimized to adopt, but some scenarios might be to extreme, hence the emergency stop.

Let's see how it goes! Set Files 03 Dec As promised here are the two set files for the week starting 03 Dec For instructions how to load the EA and how to load the set files go here. Remember these set files are only valid for the week starting 03 Dec, next week we need different set files to make sure we keep in consequence with market conditions.

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