Enterra forex star ea. Enterra (qwinsla.com) is an application development company, based in the United States of America, that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its customers. Enterra is well experienced and conversant in delivering a large number of solutions for various environments and platforms.

Enterra forex star ea

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - EA's Official Response: Credits, Locked Heroes and Loot Crates!

Enterra forex star ea. Dukascopy, Interbank forex company provides best spreads, marketplace and highest liquidity for electronic forex trading. Enterra is proud to announce the release of Enterra Forex Star EA for DUKASCOPY. The rewrited improved version is currently available and has all the features the MT4 has to increase your.

Enterra forex star ea

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Nov 16, Messages: Enterra agreed to provide a demo test on the condition that they host the EA on their server instead of my PC. Enterra instructed me to choose my demo broker so they can optimize the EA for the purpose.

I agreed and watched this EA perform impressively for the next two weeks. After the demo, I decided to proceed and purchase the Enterra Forex Star. After payment Enterra promptly sent me their EA with generic setting and not with the optimized. In the first 24hrs Enterra Forex Star did not place a trade. The next day it placed a little under a dozen all closed in negative - all losses! Enterra has an impressive customer ticket support website which lent an air of integrity and authenticity.

However it is now over 24 hours since I sent them "several" urgent request for help but they are not responding.

I strongly feel that any business that claims to own a customer support center should respond, if they do at all, within a few hours and certainly within 24 hours. For this matter they could host any EA they wish without our knowledge.

After 24 hours of no response Enterra sent me the following email below. Then you can read my response below theirs. The reason is we have many requests for customized settings and so on from our Full version buyers and have to serve them according to the queue. We can see the reason of your negative in limited support you have according to your license type. If you have customized sets and tuning for your broker you should have more pleasant results with the EA.

We recommend you spend some time for sets optimization to trade profitable like many of our clients do. You were also notified that such services as customization for your Broker for better work and current support and updates are available for Lite version buyers at additional cost only and that any Advisor needs continuous support and optimization to stay profitable.

And you've tested the EA before the purchase. Please make sure you have reasons clear enough to say us "scam". We would be happy to give you our further assistance if you require some. You asked me to select a specific broker from your preferred list of brokers because otherwise you cannot guarantee successful results.

This suggested that your EA is indeed optimized only to a few brokers and you have already performed this optimization. Moreover, you did run your "EA" with successful trading while my copy of your EA resulted all in failures.

Now you are telling me that the trading result I've witnessed for the 20 days is not what I am buying at the "lite" price. So if I am not getting the optimized set files why did you advise me to select a broker only from your optimized list? The answer is simple, you've optimized your EA only to your list of preference and you already own these. But you are tricking your "lite" customers to pay more to "enable" the Lite EA to trade. You refuse to refund my money and I am stuck with an EA which "will not trade as advertised".

If this is not a scam what is? YES, you are a Scam Operator!!! This is trickery and blackmail and I won't spend another penny with your business. I got their attention and they are backing down while trying to excuse themselves by twisting words. But in a nutshell here's what they said. We are really sorry for your negative trades on the first session. To correct this we agree to give you optimized settings for your Broker.

Shall forward this task to your support developer right now. Let's see what happens next. Will they send the correct. Mar 24, Messages: Let us also put a copy of our last message here to draw the line clearly. We can understand your disappointment. Please be advised we recommend using the brokers who has appropriate spreads not only those who are in our shortlist. And we prepare optimized settings for the main accounts of our Full version buyers on request.

We offer Lite version for traders who can optimise the sets for any broker by themselves and notify of limited support on the site and Support Center. You can make sure here - What are the benefits and how to choose? Q and A and here - Enterra Inc. EULA and in your registration letter. So please don't say you were not informed about the pecularities of Lite version. You're right we have prepared some sets when launching the test on your account, seems they were successful.

To correct this we agree to give you optimized settings for your Broker - TadawulFX. But be advised any Advisor needs continuous support and optimization to stay profitable. We look forward to being part of your success. We guarantee standards-driven code fully documented and polished, trading strategy and algorithm successfully running on real accounts and qualified support from producer. But no one can guarantee you currency market behavior. All the risks regarding the exchange trade you take upon yourself trading by Advisor or by hands.

Also be aware of buying products called Enterra Forex Star or alike style from sites and individuals with no links to Enterra Inc. We wish you good trade!

Offshore Custom Software and Web Development. So please pay attention to this situation and be carefull when buying the EA. Read EULA, usage terms, license pecularities etc. Choose the license properly. And we hope Forex Peace Army can save unprejudiced look at this demonstrative issue.

We shall give this client optimised settings for his broker but shall review the support policy further. Seems we do not need to sell Lite versions any more. Wish you all good trades. You were not completely up front and truthful with your information and that is a fact. You gave yourself the benefit and advantage to demonstrate your EA on your select optimized broker then you took it away fro me once you sold it to me.

Now you try to defend yourself with clauses hidden away inside your website where potential customers will not see unless they hunt for it. As far as not selling your Lite EA is just another one of your self serving acts. Now that people know the true facts and restrictions about your Star Lite they won't buy it anyway.

Yes, you sent me your. Friday of this week I'll post my opinion on what's the outcome and if in fact what you sent me was really what I watched during your demo advertisement. Tomorrow, Friday is too soon to evaluate the results. I'll post my review Friday of next week not tomorrow.

Seems we are reading the same pages but see different information. Full version delivery pack contains the Program with well documented Source Code, Instruction for custom tuning and Recommended Settings Pack, Full support with updates within the version purchased 3.

Lite version delivery pack contains the Program as a compiled file , Instruction for custom tuning and Recommended Settings Pack, qualified support during initial installation and launch. Such services as customization for your Broker for better work and current support and updates are available at additional cost. The trading terminal you use should authorize the access to the external libraries. Make sure you have. The EA has the same functionality in Full and Lite versions.

We take no additional fees for the product as it's one time purchase for unlimited time period. You can upgrade to Full version for the variation in prices within 30 days after purchasing the Lite one. After 30 days period is over you can upgrade for the full cost only. We have many requests from the clients asking us how to choose. Here are our thoughts and policy. Who should buy Full version: Client who is not a professional trader and needs developers' full support and help to handle the trade with the EA.

Needs to have updates including new settings for free as they come. Professional trader who needs to have full Source Code to be able to customize it and use the Code for his personal trading strategies and plans. Who should buy Lite version: Client who wants to try trading with this EA as a demo version or needs to try several tests with this EA like a full functional demo version.

As a fact this is a good start and you can upgrade to Full version for Source Codes and support in 30 days after purchasing the Lite one. Proffesional trader who doesn't need to rewrite it not a programmer or just don't need to change the Code but proffesional enough to customixe the settings according to one's strategy, Money and risk management etc.

Don't need assistance in updating the settings.


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