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Etoro com webtrader

Etoro webtrader 2

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Etoro com webtrader

The eToro WebTrader is the trading platform for managing all the orders and transactions of your account. With the new version of eToro the user can easily manage his orders directly from the central platform, from the Portfolio section. However, the old eToro Web Trader has not been cleared completely, and still remains available. Obviously, given the nature of our course, we will mainly focus on the functions related to Social and Copy Trading, since, as we have said many times, doing Retail Trading is very difficult, in fact we suggest you to do it only if you are a real expert.

Since the eToro WebTrader platform is a kind of command and control center for everything related to Copy Trading, it is appropriate to have well understood its potential. For this reason, we will review all the functions to which you have access, so that you can acquire a good knowledge and confidence. In this lesson we will cover all the points at the top of the platform , from the menu bar to the list of the products in which you can trade and to the Interactive Chart.

In the next lesson , instead, we will focus on the bottom, on the real orders management and on the data of your funds. Inside it contains several functions to which you can access by a single click. The eToro logo opens the eToro homepage in a new web page. This way you can see the other functions while keeping your trading platform open and running. Here you will find the social activity of the popular investors who have more than 10 Copiers.

By clicking this button you will access the help section of eToro, where you will find a complete list of answers to the most common questions asked by users. To quickly find the right one you can use the search function, located on the very top of the page. By selecting Other you will access to a submenu, which contains a number of information relating to trading. EToro sets the calendar by default with the news of the week. You can customize the display period by acting on the calendar at the top right.

On the bottom you also find a legend that helps you understand the symbols entered to the left of each news. The economic calendar is a very useful tool for traders, since it allows them to anticipate when volatility is likely to increase, as well as to provide valuable information about the instruments they trade daily. In your Account Statement you can set a period of historical analysis of the account and see:. Clicking this item you will open the page with the Affiliate program. Contrary to what one might guess from the name of the function, by clicking this item you will end up inside the eToro blog.

Not really a section of market analysis, but rather a section of broker upgrades. These courses are available only to registered users, even only with a practice account. You will also find some recordings of past Webinars. Facebook and Twitter buttons: We suggest you follow them to stay up to date, and to receive useful information about markets. This search tool is very useful to find the instruments you want to trade, from currencies to commodities, indexes and equities.

The search bar becomes crucial when trading on the stock markets, as the eToro WebTrader does not include equities in the list of CFDs. In case you want to take a position on the shares of a company you have 2 possibilities:. By clicking on this function, if you are in the demo version, you will be returned immediately in the real section.

A very useful function, whether you do Trading or Copy Trading. Clicking this button you will open a drop down menu with the history of all the trades done when you were not logged into the eToro WebTrader. The status bar can be expanded by clicking on it. By doing this you will open a drop down menu that will give you access to additional functions.

This value does not consider the open positions, in the sense that, if the amount used in the investments generates a considerable profit, this would not be valued. It considers the value of the capital in your account in cash, consequently not invested in any financial instrument or in any investor with the Copy Trading function. We can define it as an available balance to trade. A separate description must be done for the Settings section.

By clicking on it you will open a pop up that allows you to set your eToro WebTrader. Having said that, consider that in the forex market movements over 20 pips within seconds are commonplace.

Remember, when you invest the first rule is to protect yourself. Do not underestimate the factor of safety and protection of your platform, especially when you will activate your live account by depositing some funds.

It is always about money. Another key component of the WebTrader eToro is definitely the section with the list of all the negotiable instruments. It may be helpful not to spend hours in front of the PC and be notified only if you experience certain market conditions. We will examine it in more detail shortly. Name of the financial instrument: It indicates the percentage change of the financial instrument, on the last day, week or month.

It indicates if the majority of eToro investors is positioned Long or Short on that particular instrument, and in what proportion. The Into squares view is less rich in operational details. The goal is to provide a greater focus on the price and give the opportunity to follow more instruments simultaneously, being more reactive for quick entries into the market. There are other functions that can be used to customize the window of tradable instruments, to fit as much as possible to your operational needs.

You can change the size of the window, acting on the central element on the bottom, that allows you to drag up or down the bottom of the window, by varying the size at the expense of the window below. The funnel-shaped button opens a drop-down menu that gives you the option to include or exclude the financial instruments from the list, personalizing it with just the instruments you work with and that you want to follow.

With this function enabled, when you click the button for the Buy or Sell of an instrument, you will no longer be asked to confirm the stops, the leverage and the capital to invest, but the order will go directly in the market always with the same universal settings you decided. The eToro Web Trader also offers an interactive chart of the CFD prices, accessible, as we saw earlier, through its button placed on every single row or square of the tradable instruments.

You may not be capable of doing it properly, and thus you could damage yourself badly. The analysis of price trends, commonly called technical analysis, allows the trader to verify the causes that historically and statistically preceded the price movement in a particular direction. For this type of analysis, the trader makes use of tools that now are commonly present within the majority of trading platforms.

Basically, the majority are indicators which calculate in several ways the historical price fluctuations and manual tools of graphical analysis such as oblique lines, horizontal lines, etc. The eToro chart tool is composed of the main functions, common to all the trading platforms, some more innovative and personal. Among the common we find the possibility of:. This concludes the first part of the lessons on the eToroWebTrader. In the second we will deal with how the trading operations are displayed and how to manage them and the traders related to our portfolio.

Click here for the full list. Your email address will not be published. Click here and open a demo account in a few seconds. Test this trading platform for free. Leave to the professional traders the task of studying the charts and finding opportunities for trading and investment. Just concentrate on finding the most deserving, learning to analyze their performance. Invest with the best Social Trading Companies: Download our Social Trading eBooks! Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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