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Forex prize bond pakistan

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Forex prize bond pakistan

Prize Bonds are issued in series sequence. Every series sequence comprise of one less than 1,, bonds. Prize bond draws are c Prize bond draws are conducted on quarterly basis.

The lucky draws are held under common method. Prize numbers are same for each series. Prize Bond List page focuses exclusively for various prize bond holders of different denominations. Participating in the prize bond scheme is the only lawful method to invest wisely and have chance to win prize money in shorter period of time.

Prize bond scheme is definitely better than forex investment. This page offers you to search for prize bond winning numbers online. Simply put in the desired information about denomination, date range, select draw date, and submit to check the results.

Prize Bond Pakistan online offers you list , list , list , list 25,, list , list , list , list 40, You can click on the desired list to check out the details of prize money. This eases the process for the users online to check out information about the lucky draws instantly.

Prize Bond Schedule list is also available for each denomination. The number of prizes and winning amount is different every time. Prize Bond List Rs. Prize Bonds is gold Read More. This page is based on the Prize Bond List Rs. The entire prize bonds are issued in a proper sequence and each series comprise of one less than 1,, bonds.

The prize bond lucky draw is held on quarterly basis under a common draw method, with same number of prizes for each series. The denomination of Rs. Further, 3rd prizes of Rs. The winning amount of first prize is Rs. Find your old or new prize bonds online with all denominations such as; Student Welfare , , , , , , and 40, respectively. The government has launched premium prize bond worth Rs 40, with prize of Rs 80 million on draw and monthly profit.

Analysts believe this move is aimed at tapping cheap source of budget financing which will also address concerns of whitening money through old traditional prize bonds. This situation highlights that government is tackling with huge financial problems like debt payments and soaring trade deficit. The first prize of the bond is Rs80 million, whereas after six months profit on the bond will also be paid to the holders.

Corrupt elements are likely to benefit from issuance of these bonds as government is inching forward to ink an agreement with Swiss authorities. The lucky draw for the prize bond purchasers is held after three months, so the investors have an opportunity to invest their savings in the face of Prize Bonds to get the chance to become a millionaire overnight. Pakbiz provides the complete list of all the Prize bonds draws including the numbers of the top winners when it declare by its official.

Home Finance Prize Bond. Search For Prize Winning Numbers! Prize Bond Pakistan Online. Prize Bond Schedule List. Dental Kit with Foceps. Please Type your Comments.. The schedule page of Prize Bond is all important, I am taking all information about the draws of Prize Bonds from this schedule and be alert for the next draw.

Actually, I am the beginner in this field and I dont have much information about it. Can any one guide me how can I make it easily because it take too much time.

I am very disheartened and decide to exchange with Rs. I hope that I will win again. I hope that the next year will be lucky for me.

Can anyone tell me when will be the draw of 40, prize bond. FS Sat 02 Dec, Allah sab par apna fazal karay, sab par karam karay aur Allah sab ki muradain poori karay. Akhlaq Rathore Sat 02 Dec, I got prize bond of Its issuence date was 4th june It was drawing on 3rd Aug Can i get the money from state bank or not? Prize Bond List Prize Bonds Draw Schedule List Sat 02 Dec, I have both premium and normal prize bonds of Rs. Unfortunately I blocked my much investment in the prize bond, I have two pairs of Rs.

Can any one guide me how can I check my Prize Bond List of different numbers of serial? I was searching the Prize Bond List, really it was difficult to search multiple different serial numbers.

I recently check my Prize Bond List from this source, I have four to five prize bonds but I could not win. Actually, I couldn't participated in draw 72 although I had Rs. I just won one time the prize bond at the beginning of the year in the draw list of Prize Bond , after that I invested more but couldn't success to win again. Well, I just won one time the prize bond at the beginning of the year in the draw list of Prize Bond , I have still a large collection of prize bonds.

Allah sab par apna fazal karay, sab par karam karay aur Allah sab ki muradain poori karay. I got prize bond of Thu 30 Nov, Wed 29 Nov, Mon 27 Nov, Sat 25 Nov, You can see the best list of the prize bond very easily and updated result which is certified by the State Bank of the Pakistan for more updates you can click on the notifications button.

You can check out the prize bonds result from here very easily which is really good for all the users who have this prize bond and waiting for result. This is really easy for me to check out the prize bond list because here I can see many result of the prize bond which is all updated by the State Bank of Pakistan.


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