Forex solutions reviews. Reviews and ratings of FX Solutions FXSol, a forex trading broker rated and reviewed by forex traders.

Forex solutions reviews

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Forex solutions reviews. I want to say one thing about this site. I registered an account with eTorro and then I found out that The customers from US are not allowed to trade at eTorro. Then when I opened an account with FX Solutions I had problems with the activation because the stuff kept telling me to log at eTorro first. They also told me that the.

Forex solutions reviews

More Featured Forex Brokers Open a free demo or live account with a featured forex broker. More AutoTrading Copy the trades of expert traders automatically on your own account. Refusing to mail check to the address on file, or credit back to the credit card that originally money deposited from, refusing to wire transfer the funds to the bank in her name on file, and demanding to see her bank account statement before releasing money!!!.

Have you ever heard of that scam before. Oh Ya, she really is going to mail these crooks her bank statement. Something smelling rotten fraud here. Some money laundering scam they want to use her bank statement for. Stay away from this broker, you likely to have your financial picture, even identity stolen and used in their other foreign branches in Australia or U.

The have the worst support ever. He talked to me as if i was stupid and all i wanted was an explanation and if there was anything he could help me with. It was gapped and should not open! Graph shows that price did not gap.

When I complained about that, they deactivatedmy account. They also deactivated another account which I did not use for a months! Tired of them, I can not spend my time doing that. During annonces, not possible to place limit orders! Runs like a bucket shop though they're big in size. My findings show that they've ripped me off via the following unscrupulous methods: Repeated and frequent slippages that can add up my trading costs by as high as an additional pips more per lot per trade!

Even when no slippages occurred, the actual price captured in my statement is often a few pips more than what appeared on the screen when a trade is executed. Their dealers entered my open positions and exited them without my instructions. Initially they denied doing so, but eventually offered to compensate me with a few thousand dollars as settlement, but I didn't accept because they cheated me many folds more. They have dealers to trade against me. They fixed off-market prices by as high pips via Gapping, when at that identical time a check with two other brokers' platforms showed no price gaps at all.

They manipulated the MACD indicator that traders usually relied upon, to trick them into entering trades in the wrong direction. Someone from another forum sent me his friend's trading statement also with city Index, and in his own words, this is what he said: I have a friend that I refer to the same company and funds have been removed from his account because he made money.

I understand why ppl not recommend Market Makers for good traders. In the next few weeks with his permission i will post his statement to show how the funds was removed. The broker claim it is because they quoted wrongly so they are removing the profits made from" He actually did send his friend's statements to me. His friend has two FX accounts with this City Index. If they can quote wrongly and deduct winning trades from clients, what if they quoted wrongly in their own favour with clients losing?

I'm sure they'll quietly pocket the money of unwarry clients who never check or not meticulous enough in checking their statements. I pray that they will get their just retribution for all their evil deeds.

Spreads stayed fixed, stops were not hunted then again I dont use them a lot And if they trade against us like many say, who cares? If you have a good strategy, there is no problem.

I will not give more than7 since I dont have more than 2 months experience with them. Spreads consistent, albeit a little higher than many. Seems to get you on both sides of the trade alot. I do not recommend this broker, alot better brokers are available out there. Not the best design for the interface, difficult to use. Unpleasant people to deal with. Some times fill out is more than 2 minutes or till you're losing money even in low demand times.

Trades are executed at price most of the time. Decent spreads, great customer support, quality trading platform and charts. The only problems I have had is a couple of times when I prepare to make a market order, the platform just makes the order for me without me pushing the submit button. I have read other reviews where other traders have had the same problem, and this only happens with FX Solutions. It does not happen very often but is very annoying when it does.

They also have made it impossible to trade the news with limit orders although most companies are doing this now. Their charts rock even if they don't look like others out there.

Watch their actual tutorials and demo before you judge. Their system actually rocks to does not look that way, but believe me its less confusing than others out there. They have what you need not other stupid features like the others have. You can customize your account from the platform to trade whatever lot size you want standard, mini, micro and every darn thing in-between I got no real problems. Their price charts accuchart is precise.

Live chatting service is very good, data feed is Ok. I think the only drawback is their GTS which looks really poor. They have limited currency pairs. They introduced the GTS pro which I think is still a lot of noise with no essential improvement. I have account with them and I don't have any problem. Since you make money, they will suck your money out.

Don't answer client emails. Trailing stops are not trailing, they are jumping stops! Working against his Traders! Also they are very very slow to update client information. I presently have a live account with this Broker. Don't reply to emails. I then turned things around and broke even then some and thats when the platform started to freeze, stops were prematurely taken out with price no where near the stop.

Now I hear that they are charging interest both ways which I guess is nothing more than a commission. Be very wary of these guys. They close too early on Friday, open too late on Sunday. You discover sometimes, that your orders were not filled even though the market reached your price!!!

Far better than most such as FXCM. Trades mysteriously pop in when you really don't want them. Platform does not have enough historical data.

Closed trades mysteriously reappear open. Their spreads are reasonable. What I value they act nicely during news. You can always get what you want. Experienced some requoting on news and some slippage. But if you don't make 10 trades a day, I would recommend this broker. Top Traders on Twitter. Subscribe to receive free offers and new features - Read Latest Newsletter Email:. Choose from a multitude of forex traders.

Open a free demo or live account with a featured forex broker. Copy the trades of expert traders automatically on your own account. Thieves, they stole the entire balance of my wife trading account when she had it with the slippage and wants to close her account. I have no history of complaints with FX-Solutions. Stable Platform, very good cutomer service, esp. Don't open early on Sunday.

They are a big scam. From my experience, Fxsolution is the real deal. Charting software very easy to use. The platform is very basic and easy to use and the news service I like but the real problem is in slippage. I have account with this broker for 3 month now, they have great software, decent spread, but the customer service is not that great, I hope they can keep up with great product and great service too.

Poor explanations regarding swap. Overall, they have been a great company. Been a customer for 14 months..


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