Schweizer online broker. Only on Compare Swiss banks and online brokers. The broker comparison and calculator tools are the only services of their kind in Switzerland. All major Swiss brokers licensed by FINMA are included, including online brokers and universal banks that.

Schweizer online broker

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Schweizer online broker. Anyone care to chime in on their opinions of better online brokers for a buy and hold investor looking to get into ETFs? So far Schwab and TD Ameritrade look promising, even though their rate for order is some 8x or more than the 1 USD per order of IB, that should not matter for buy and hold and compared.

Schweizer online broker

Already trading with us? Join Miss Dukascopy contest and express yourself, your abilities, and talents! More detailed information about trading conditions is provided on the corresponding website pages. Margin Requirements General Features. Be informed, that the list of FX, Bullion, Commodities, Indices and Stock instruments tradeable with Dukascopy is continuously expanded. Doors open at 9: You are very welcome to visit us at booth W11 and meet our representatives in person as well as to join our seminar during the expo on the 2nd of December at Beware of reduced liquidity on Thursday 23rd November and Friday 24th November.

Binary traders of Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe can now use two types of automated trading strategies: In case of Winning chain with 3 contracts the trader risks only the amount of the initial contract, while getting the opportunity to earn up to 12 times more if all contracts expire in-the-money, according to the recognized trend.

Conversely, Martingale chain aims at covering losses from previous unsuccessful contracts by automatically placing a new order with a doubled amount. You are welcome to visit our booth during the exhibition days and meet our representatives in person.

On Sunday 29 October, clocks in Europe are turned back one hour as daylight saving time ends. Please note that there will be no change in the opening hour of our systems on Sunday and the daily settlement done at European clients may take note that the market opening will be done at Daylight savings time ends Sunday 5 November in North America.

Market opening of our systems and daily settlement will be changed to Dukascopy has added a new functionality to its binary option contracts: Two types of chains are available - Martingale and Winning. When enabling a Martingale chain to an option, the system will automatically place another chained contract for a doubled amount every time the previous contract expires out-of-the-money.

Conversely, enabling a Winning chain will make the system automatically place another contract with an increased amount every time the previous contract expires in-the-money. The maximum length of the chain is limited to 3 additional contracts. The new feature is now available for testing on Demo environment, and Live launch will follow shortly. Please refer to the trading conditions for more details. The maximum exposure limit does not extend to positions that have been opened prior to this announcement, there will be no forced reduction or closures.

The limitation will enter in to force as of Friday, 6 October Dukascopy reserves the right to reconsider special trading conditions for EUR currency pairs if found necessary.

New CFD instruments can be added using the instrument selector in the trading platform. List of new share CFDs can be seen at the Dukascopy website. The list of tradeable share CFDs will be gradually extended to include most liquid shares from all major equity markets around the world. Dukascopy Bank Group Offices: Why Choose Dukascopy Forex. Markets re-open at Following the growing demand of our clients to fund accounts by payment cards, Dukascopy is pleased to announce the decrease of the card deposit fees in more than 10 different currencies.

Please check our Web site for the complete card funding fee schedule. Member of the Swiss Bankers Association. Site Map Report an issue. An error correcting system is functioning on our website. If you find a mistake you are able to send us a notification.


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