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Tradestation forex brokers

Best Forex Brokers 2017 TRADESTATION

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Tradestation forex brokers

This is a discussion on Forex Broker with Tradestation. I really like Tradestation, easy language et all. Just don't like the customer Forex Broker with Tradestation. Community Links Members List.

Oct 20, , 3: Wondering if I can get any help. I believe it's possible with IB, but their website confuses the hell out of me think most of the stuff is irrelevant, but I'm always scared I've missed something and then give up. Any suggestions and thoughts on the process? Apr 5, , 5: I like TS charts etc..

With the new FX micro futures now in place, you could use TS for charts and execute through a regulated futures firm. This is how I am doing this throughout , if the financial system is still existing until end of this year Apr 5, , You can now trade forex micros as well as IBs forex exchange on IB. You could still use TS for your data although you might switch to something like Sierra Chart that gives you on chart execution with IB.

Great programming although slightly less easy than "easy"language. I'm using Sierra for entry and exit and have automated some parts of that. I'm actually doing backtesting with Amibroker because its a really good backtesting platform price of a month TS subscription once and you can write the tested code so that it is almost exactly the same as the code need for SC and can thus be popped into your live platform as needed.

Amibroker is great for testing and works with IB or exported data from SC Jul 1, , Jun 15, , 9: Hi All, I am new to this forum, and I have found some interesting subjects. Well done T2W However, I do have a question. Can you get TradeStation to feed directly into a spreadbetting broker when in automated mode? Apr 3, , 2: Originally Posted by Hotch.

Jun 23, , 6: Hi, You can use Tradestation for charts and trade your strategy with some brokers. I have some strategies to trade using Tradesation with a different broker.

We may share and colloborate. Jun 25, , 7: Amazing dear, nice information. I am new to this forum, and its my first comment here. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Search this Thread Advanced Search. Originally Posted by Hotch Wondering if I can get any help. TradeStation signal sent directly to the broker. May 19, 4: Backtesting, Tradestation and Forex. Apr 21, 9: TradeStation or Interactive Brokers?

Oct 11, 9: Sep 20, 8: Anyone using tradestation to trade forex. Jul 16,


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