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Fx phd automated trading system

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Fx phd automated trading system

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Home Forum Help Login Register. Hello I just see this: BlackCode Full Member Posts: Hi hawkfx, This EA looks good, i'll keep an eye on your thread, i can get it later if its really good.

If I did pay that kind of money, I would have to see thorough testing first. I'll get and let you know. I will also will send an email to developer to see if we wants to come here and discuss their ea. No forward test, no refund policy that I can see. It is Martingale noticed trades of. Please avoid until further notice.

Its working on my phone, I tried it before on chrome and ie9 and it wouldn't come up Quote from: I just running on my vps, I had some issues on CNS side. I think this EA is quite interesting.

You get full ten year backtests plus recent backtests and I see no evidence of tampering. It is expensive but if the tests are replicated by live results it would be worth it. The strategy is not that different to those we are working on ourselves. The only thing missing is some live myfxbook accounts showing us that the vendor is risking his own money successfully trading his product for a few months at least.

With current and history trades public please. So if this is a scam it is a very good one. For now, I'd give this the benefit of the doubt and see what happens on myfxbook. The part that makes me skeptical is they keep talking about "historical performance" without making clear that this is merely backtests not actual historical live running results.

Not a single myfxbook or similar to be seen. Would be interested to see a live forward test. Until then, its the usual backtest nonsense. If backtests were worth squat, we would all be billionaires by now.

How can any broker steal your money, even regulated ones by Mirza Qasim [ Yesterday at Whom did you want to be in childhood? Profiforex by Benjamin7 [ Yesterday at Bitcoin Discussion by Eliza Abrams [ Yesterday at List of brokers to avoid as a newbie; by Eliza Abrams [ Yesterday at June 24, , June 25, , Logged robl45 Hero Member Posts: Logged hawkfx Full Member Posts: Robl when I click it redirects me to regnow and adds the product.

Here is the link from their home page: June 26, , August 20, , It is a scam right? Logged Regards, bnb reinerh Hero Member Posts: August 21, , They are under Historical Returns Profile on the main page.

You need to click on the image to get the full details in a new tab or browser page. The biggest one has over 15, lines I think, took a while to load up on my Chrome browser but it already had 50 tabs open so was gobbling up a lot of RAM. I need a bigger machine!!!! Logged odysseus11 Hero Member Posts: August 22, , Donna's Blog Analysing trades:


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