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Instaforex head office

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Instaforex head office

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Instaforex scandalized - rumors or truth? Jun 6, Messages: Dear employees, partners and customers of InstaForex! I am really sorry to inform you that since 9 May I have been trying to make all possible diplomatic efforts to resolve the situation. The results I received forced me to make the following statement: Park House 12 Tel.: Finally, I have opened bank accounts in U. In other words, I created all the conditions fixed assets which any company needs in order to start working at the Forex Market.

Up until April 18, , I was the only director of the company InstaTrade Corporation, and my wife, Anna Maizus, was the secretary of that organization. All costs, connected with the registration of "Investment Company InstaTrade", preparation of documents and obtaining the license, as well as the formation of the necessary capital, were paid from InstaTrade Corporation funds.

At the time of licensing by LLC "Investment Company InstaTrade," one of the necessary conditions for obtaining the licenses was the availability of the minimum required capital in the amount of 10 million rubles.

I transferred the above-mentioned domains to his user account. I do not know how and from what funds the share capital had been paid. According to amend legislation in the field of regulation of investment companies, up to July 1, all investment companies were instructed to increase the amount of own funds up to 35 million rubles.

Due to the significant amount of funds needed, I could not make that paymentt in time. So I was through "Western Guarantor" indirectly owns 0. For these purposes I spent , Euros from my personal funds. On April 5, the license was obtained and there was envisiged the transfer of InstaForex under the project licensed in the European Union.

As a result, he completely sabotaged the work of Insta Markets Limited and deliberately created the conditions for the withdrawal of a license by the regulator on April 6, , which ultimately led to the alleged lack of control over the company, the impact on my reputation and causing me damage in the amount of , Euro.

In carrying out its activities, InstaForex does not conduct proper customer identification, determination of the source of funds as well as the measures provided for by Russian and international laws aimed at preventing the legalization laundering of money, in addition, InstaForex allows transfers of funds between the clients and then cashing them through a network of partners and offices worldwide. This criminal organization could be used to finance any extremist activities in Russian Federation aimed at undermining the stability of the existing political system and the division of society, for example, protesters at Bolotnaya Square in Moscow.

Due to the fact that InstaForex works in its fraudulent practices aimed at weaning customer funds, including the citizens of the Russian Federation, such as the delay in the execution of orders customers, many requotes granting new prices , the introduction of misleading customers, forum talks, and other methods of influence on the victims — InstaForex is actively discussed in a negative way on publicly accessible and open resources in the Internet.

In addition, as I know, there is a test material in the Department for Combating Economic Crimes Department of Internal Affairs in the Kaliningrad region, devoted to numerous petitions against InstaForex. While communicating with the directors of companies within InstaForex, I have received information that a group of employees at the disposal of companies do not have any administrative access to trading servers and management domains. These facts point out the presence some signs of a financial pyramid in InstaForex.

As a result of the criminal actions of that group of people, I personally suffered significant damage, many times exceeding the definition of a large scale. Based on the above, I would ask you to check the facts I outlined, in order to establish the truth and bring to justice those who have committed unlawful, criminal acts.

I am warned for responsibility for any misleading information. June 3, Maizus SV. Oct 3, Messages: Here's the original post in Russian: Google Translate of above post If I'm reading this correctly, Sergey Mayzus, one of the founders of InstaForex as well as several other forex brokerages, is accusing InstaForex and it's primary owner of a number of crimes.

I wonder how RAFMM will react, since it seems to be the regulator for all the brokers in this family: May 16, Messages: Dec 14, Messages: Has anyone had an issue withdrawing from Instaforex since the LR takedown? Jan 6, Messages: There are many tray about them join them toghter Ammihud look on the other post about them lately contact the other join as a group that will make your clame easyer and if need to act in other forms to join forces. Oct 26, Messages: Sergey Mayzus - instaforex also the owner of liteforex and mayzus.

Jun 10, Messages: As I can see after reviewing the KROUFR thread, Mayzus has been getting huge amounts from Insta during 5 years, and when finally the company got losses, which he has to share as the co-founder of the company, he wanted Sharipov to make up the deficiency from his own funds.

After he denied his demand, he started claiming Sharipov's interest in the company by blacking the company on the forum and treating to open a criminal investigation of him.

But in my opinion, these are just empty words. If he would really have some facts to do this, then he wouldn't spend a week on the forum attacks - people in uniform would have already did their job. So this is a bluff. I'm right if I post the first. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work. Because, as I wrote in that email which was also received by the managers of MetaQuotes Software Corp.

In accordance with the above logic, I omit all the provocative details, figures, proofs, screenshots, which will make a smart man understand what is true and what is false.

So very very careful and selective comments light version: The only one and single condition of that oral agreement which I have been fulfilling till present day was the distribution of shares: As to opening other companies within InstaForex Group, manipulations with their shares and so on and so forth — it is not related to the context, don't substitute it.

If Sergey Mayzus or I changed something in one of the companies within InstaForex Group, it was the result of oral agreement or understanding of it, which has been normal for all five years for Sergey Mayzus, but now he suddenly changes his mind and starts threatening forcing me to pass him my share in InstaForex, which I have been developing for all 5 years.

What an honest and shy gentlemen! Due to the significant amount of funds needed, I could not make that amount in time. Undoubtedly, he can invest not in the equity of the company but in the authorized capital thus increasing the absolute value of shares of the second owner. It can be called a gift or a donation but not a standard legal process: It's the first thing.

You said that you had records of conversation on this topic but hid it from me, may be because it proves my words. I understand that conversation is not a legal proof but it's weird for me to read the post of a man that contradicts to his own words. What kind of dividends and at which rate did I promise to pay you from InstaTrade? Do you believe in your own words claiming this 3 years later? Director of InstaTrade Corporation. This appointment was made with the official help of your Cyprus layer Angelos Paphitis.

If your layer doesn't notify you of changes, it is the problem of your internal communication, not my attempt to cheat you. Do you know anything of such decisions? Could you share them? Analysis of bank statements of InstaTrade Corporation shows that beneficiary of all large transactions was Sergey Mayzus. I'm ready to give details on this topic with figures and dates. I have plenty of them. Even if the company somehow was injured in the result of the Cypriot crisis d. March 16, , of course, you can consider this as my fault and negligence.

But I want to remind you that these losses were mutual in the amounts of EUR, and EUR, my investment and born by both of us. As any force majeure circumstances of the government scale cannot be assumed as the fault of any "citizen", even if you oppose this. Mayzus always has his own "notional" point of view on the reality.

If there was somebody who had really sabotaged the functioning of a newly created company, then it was Sergey Mayzus, who had earlier started to persist in extorting funds from me directly for the purposes of some Cypriot charitable project under the name of Sergey Mayzus. I created a company out of nothing, from the very beginning, and it brought him money.

Then I was offered to create the second one, however, by that time this person had behaved in the inadequate, odd and provoking manner for a few years already. During all 5 years of InstaForex lifetime Sergey Mayzus was receiving and demanding his share of profit transferred only to a foreign bank account in foreign currency from off-shore company and he somehow does not have any questions as to his presence in the Board of these companies, although there are a lot of interesting figures and facts of the transferred sums, which I am going to present in the next post as a proof , so does this mean that all profits received by the company in rubles were assumed by Sergey Mayzus as my share of profit derived from the company's work?

And why does this issue arise exactly now, five years after the company was founded, after 60 monthly money transfers to your foreign bank account in USD from the company, with which you have no connection. Is it just because when 61st month finished, the company suffered losses for the first time in history, which is stemming from a payment system not performing obligations owed to InstaForex for a very significant sum of money? But company losses in this or that month do not leave out the fact that you were regularly receiving your profit deposited to your foreign account making no claims for the profit which the company generates in Russia.

Well, I never thought of this issue, however, I can now suspect that this was your old and wicked plan: And then to declare that you have never ever received any rubles. So then what shall we do with the interesting link to a wonderful folder comprising all statements with confirmations of payments made over the last 12 months by the company, the shares of which you are completely not interested in, and the Directors of which you are not accusing of power abuse?

Does it appear that everything is just a myth, and there were no payments from the group of companies transferred to your foreign bank account directly? With the purpose to confirm my words this folder is already being updated with the history of bank statements for the last five years. What does this word mean in the context of the facts enlisted? All mentioned by you companies have been on the official website of InstaForex for the last five years, their details were freely accessible in public sources of Official Single Register of Legal Entities.

These claims are, to my point of view, criminal. In this case all this profit must be declared illegal and withheld in the total amount which was transferred to your bank account during the last five years, mustn't it? Let us name the sum and together work out in details the issue of Sergey Mayzus receiving profit from a certain illegal business, and which is moreover "connected with pornography and drug dealing".

As the Governor of the city Guryevsk, and at the same time the director of a "successful investment company", Sergey Mayzus must attain to the patterns of law-abiding, which he thinks were breached.

Dear Sergey Mayzus, how many times over the last 5. Was it once or twice?


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