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Forex factory forum. Hi, I wanted to know what address I have to use in a code for recover news from forexfactory.

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Trading the GAP is great for me I use it every week. I am not sure what "whatfx" is on about??? Wait for 15 min after open before you enter ie To my horror I discovered that FF allows the thread starter to disallow people to comment on the thread. I did not even have a chance to post my results. Also the last post is not even correct I think the single brain cell that "whatfx" has did not consider that GAPs are traded with spread variables in the system.

I even said that in the first post. You can keep lying to all the poor people on your thread and you can be lazy and not properly test the suggestions that we selflessly give you.

So the "brutal truth" is that GAP trading does work! It just don't work for the closed minded! Forum posters please be aware If someone seems an expert on a forum they may not necessarily be one without the ability to stand up to rigorous debate. I don't care to much about the spread it comes down once the markets open and get moving. The big stop is because of the high spreads when I open the trades. When I got back, of course price had moved. If it was significant, I would then trade in the direction of my personal lost time 'gap'.

If price had a lot of momentum with the move while I was gone, I would not enter, but if it just mildly drifted 20 or 30 pips or so, I would jump in. I didn't look for a close of the entire move, just a portion. It's just playing the law of probabilities by determining the likelihood of price revisiting areas over and over. I think blaming FF for the conduct of one of its members is completely wrong. Aside from abusive or overt spam like comments, board moderators should allow any relevant opinion.

There are many times it is the minority opinion that is right and those posters make valuable contributions. Its not up to FF or BP to decide who is right - that's everybody's own decision. I think you have missed the point that tricky1on1 was making. He wasn't blaming FF for the content of the thread, or for the content of any particular post. He was criticizing FF for allowing thread-starters to delete posts that they don't agree with.

But, that was a different issue entirely. I like the idea of thread starters having discretion over the contents of their threads - it helps keep things on topic. Most thread starters are solid, dependable people who don't abuse their privileges. The minority who do get found out and ignored.

A thread starter can put someone on ignore and then that person can't post on the thread. Agreed to a point. When some Honorary members are allowed to break the code of conduct while others aren't, it IS the fault of the site owner.

If you break the rules, you are on no more sure footing with that Honorary title, than you are if it says "newbie" under your name. Lurking at FF shows me it's no better there. In fact it may be worse.

Senior members have the ability to stifle whatever junior poster they choose. For the most part it's warranted, but more than occasionally the privilege is abused. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Most traders trade in solitude. Most traders don't have many friends who are traders. Forums are a place to meet people who share the same interest. There is plenty of space for each trader to share their views without stepping on toes.

Unfortunately, there are those who try to hog the stage. Anyone who looks like they are getting some attention with something the stage hogs don't like, can't do themselves or don't understand becomes a target. Getting banned for posting a chart in a trading forum seems ridiculous to me just because someone doesn't like the coder of the indicator.

Many wrongs have been done under the guise of protecting newbies. Human nature is very ego driven. I've noticed, and occasionally been victim of cyber bullying on everything from beer tasting sites, to golf sites. The luxury of anonymity makes it easy for people to bark, crow, and paint themselves as something they aren't but would like to be.

Forex sites are no different. Trying to decipher intentions in text is hard. An innocent comment such as, "I don't like that method", is misconstrued, and taken as a derogatory to whomever posted the method that wasn't liked.

Not liking something only means it wasn't preferred by the poster that didn't like it. Not a call to battle because of a conflict of ideals. Most people aren't articulate enough in text to have a reader discern a difference. It's almost religious in nature. You're either a price action Catholic, or indicator reading Protestant.

Speaking personally, I've learned a lot from the more experienced in both camps. But they are hard to find;. Forex Factory credability in question The Lobby. PS here are my results: And it work fairly consistently for you, right? Noticing that, and knowing the truth about gaps, I tried an experiment, If I was going to leave for a while, I would place a vertical, and horizontal cross on price.

Play around with the idea some. Coin tossing works too! Just don't try telling that to certain members. To quote you from another thread In the last year, I have seen newbs, and Honorary postoramas banned equally. If you feel that this place is unfair, why the frequent trips back? My first trading strategy. Oh the memory of those days now I need a drink lol.


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