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Forex g force

Freaks of Nature: G-force Man!

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Forex g force

I am, as most traders are, interested in various different ways to trade. So a lot of my time is spent researching trading methods both old and new. And during this process you end up regerstering to various forums and websites.

As a result your inbox gets spammed on a daily basis. One of the emails I receive the most is from Forex Monster. The most recent one they are plugging is Forex G-Force. Even at a positive reward to risk ratio of, say, 1. This means you can only lose 15 trades before you lose your trading pot. Most likely in real trading the system would have a negative R: R and such you could cease trading withing a handful of losing trades.

There are just so many forex EA scams out there at the moment. And whilst I am sure some would not call them a scam I personally feel anything that is sold that is far from the truth of their advertising blurb is a scam. Maybe Forex G-Force will be different. Maybe it will be something special that will make every trader on this planet rich beyond their wildest dreams.

But somehome I doubt it. I only hope traders do not lose too much money in the process. If you do you are conning yourself….. I came across a link to your website on a Forex website, and I must say… Your website is tons better. I understand it better now, thanks. I love the idea of forex trading but making work is so hard. I have bookmarked your site and will come abck to see what else there is here.

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