Forex success stories reddit. I'm a 26 years old part time forex/options trader at the moment, I want to make a decision on whether I should look for firms(prop shops or hedgefunds) to join or go full time trading for myself. I was wondering anyone here with trading experience like to share their success or failure stories? Should I be.

Forex success stories reddit


Forex success stories reddit. Forex). submitted 19 days ago by commercepreneur. Just curious to see if anyone here has actually been successful in the game long-term and profited consistently. If so, could you tell us your story? How long you've been trading, what you've learned, when you started being successful, what methods you.

Forex success stories reddit

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Inherently, post memes only on weekends. Do you know anyone who became a millionaire trading forex? I work at a proprietary firm in Chicago trading FX and know plenty of guys who make millions in bonus each year.

A majority of them trade discretionarily as well. Is it possible to do something like that in New York, or do I have to move to chicago if I want to make good money prop trading. I'll be moving to my company's New York office in a few weeks actually. It is a much smaller office, but every trader there makes a killing. Thanks for giving me a sliver of hope, btw, what kind of degrees do those traders have?

Stats, Physics, i'm trying to pick out a nice major for myself. To be honest, the business is hugely dominated by algorithmic trading. I was truly lucky to get the job I did as a discretionary trader. I, myself, makes in electrical engineering with a strong background in programming. So I'd say never give up on your dream, but have realistic expectations.

But the algorithms can only be as good as the mind that designed them. With my gains I feel like Neo from the Matrix -- I have broken through the impossible -- I'm faster than the agents. These traders will never be replaced because they have attributes that computers will never have. Also, anyone that says day trading in the FX markets is not possible is dead wrong. I'm fact, most of the top discretionary guys don't have an Ivy league education, but went to top 50 schools instead.

It takes a certain personality trait to succeed as a click trader, rather than being the most intelligent person in the market. I've seen a lot of retail accounts with quite a few different brokers, if your talking a strait retail trader not involved in the business side just trades. Largest one, a 50k deposit turned into k over months he eventually withdrew after losses took it back down to about 90k..

Good Traders and Money Mangers exist, some of them start as a retail trader, they hire a third party accountant to audit their statements, they can eventually get approached by Barrons or someone similar, then trade institutional.

That's just one of many scenarios obviously. There's definitely a business side to this industry that has nothing to do with trading, to make money an last you or your firm will need to succeed in both. But does some trader just open an account, deposit 25k, win and win and eventually withdraw a million. Wont say it's never happened I've never seen it , but I would say it's a very unrealistic dream to have. This guy trades stocks not currency. He keeps to himself: That was a very interesting read, I have a similar background to him but I am not millionare, good to know there are other people like me that went into a success spree.

And they did it with my amazing system. You too can become a forex millionaire in just days with my 'triple-flip-merge ultra hedge system! Perhaps, most likely they sell FX to institutional investors: FX managed futures, hedge funds, etc. I know a lot of traders irl, and honestly most of the successful ones are all option traders though.

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You won't be able to vote or comment. Want to add to the discussion? Thanks for the morale boost! Anyone with questions can feel free to PM me. What is the most common strategy that all the traders use? Anything online we can look at as far as learning that particular strategy? How did you or most of the guys there get training? Prob cause that's what most people see in media in USA.


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