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Forex trading made ez forum

I am reading the below reviews, and I have used George's product for the last few months. There is a lot of BS out there, and George's product is very good. He seems to be a good guy that cares, and has always answered my questions. I wonder if the less than good comments below are from individuals that are not either taking not responsibility for themselves or poorly incorporating his suggestions.

First off, I would like to state that I am so sick and tired of hearing all of the whining that goes on about how disappointed some of you are with George Smith's system, Forex-Made-EZ. Why is society willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars, and a minimum of 4 years in college, as an investment towards a future?

Even with this level of investment there is no guarantee of success. What do you expect? And then, you gripe and complain because you don't get all of your questions answered in an email, or because customer service is not manned by a call center that can take your call.

Give me a break! How much luck do you think you would have if you called up one of your professors after you;ve failed in your business a few years later? Not on your life! Let's do some math, like some like to taunt George with: Not likely, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Now, let's look at a Forex education.

Most all of you who write these negative reviews have only been in Forex for less than a year. Granted, some for a few longer, but just stop and consider the amount of investment you're complaining about.

Let's make this more realistic. Most newbies read George's manual in one or two days. Opening a live account takes about a month to get up and running. We won't even talk about demo accounts because they are no where near the same emotional dynamic. Let's see, where were we? Give me another break! Don't get me wrong here. I'm not going negative on George Smith.

I'm going negative on you naysayers. George is not giving you a guarantee of income, he's telling a math fact. Sure, he's using it in a marketing technique. But it's not a lie! Reaching potential is extremely hard to do. In your lifetime, you will never reach your full potential because it's an ongoing growth experience.

You can not, and will not want to, trade every trading day of the year in order to make this happen. But can you trade everyday to make it possible to double your account every three weeks? Remember, this is what's possible, not what's probable. I am a full time trader. Sometimes I spend hours a week watching the market and trading. Other times, I won't trade for weeks on end. There is no way I can double my account in three weeks, every three weeks. Some of you people think this Forex thing is like winning the lottery, where you don't have to lift a finger, or put in any time.

I spent a year and a half just trading the market, with real money, and losing almost ten thousand dollars before I learned how to trade. The method I trade is a compilation of all of George's techniques. What is my point? In essence, I went to college, put in the time and spent the money. Now I'm reaping the benefits. Why do some of you expect to make this happen in only a few days?

And then to boot, you knock a guy's reputation and system because it's not the Holy Grail. I can only say, that I see the simplicity of the system and for the price, it's far better than the one's wanting thousands just to get started! Demond, George's partner, has been most helpful and having talked with him on the phone, is in earnest in helping you becoming successful. I'm a complete newbie, but have gone up and down with their methods for the few days, win, lose, win..

It is only because of my lack of experience and fear of losing. One, thing that you have to get over. They have a daily video of their trades showing when they win and lose. Also, George shows all the individual trades for the day. Quite honest fellows if you ask me!! Hope I can do you proud guys! The post are all in hindsight so you really don't know how many trades he wins or looses or money made or lost.

Also i have been trying to contact him for 3 days now and cannot get a reply. I know it is not my spam blocker The system is basic and fitting for the 4. George has a good method that will result in profits. It is not simple. Put all of that together and you have a complex system. However, if you diligently apply his methods, you will get a feel for the market that will make you a more successful trader. His attitude and desire to make every student successful is second to none.

I bought the system a few days ago but it did not fit in my schedule so I asked for a refund which was refunded within a couple of hours. The system might work very good if you have some background and know forex to some extent.

Anyway, thank you George. I believe Kaye certainly deserves a reply to her concern over her experience with our program. I believe my four emails to her were either blocked or trashed by her ISP.

Please email us if you have any problems or questions. We will help you all we can. I've received notice from ClickBank about your refund. That's no problem, but I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with the program. I take a lot of interest in helping my students to succeed. I would like to see you get ahead with Forex despite your unhappiness with my program. Is there anything I can do or questions I can answer that could help you in this regard?

Please email me with your concerns. I bought this package after reading everyones reviews. Also the only reason you would not suceed at this method of trading is it's simplicity.

But if you can over come that one obstacle and just put you trust in this method you will have sucess. You won't find a better staff than this team. Not to mention all this is topped off with a 60 day no risk period. Take control of your new career and join our community, Paco. I want to write about George C Smith and his team. This is a very understanding and kind people. I wrote to them that I want to buy the system, but I can not pay, because we do not have paypal.

And what do you think? They gave me a system without money. Pay then, if I can. I think that people can not do everyone. Moreover, they do not know me at all. I think that this case confirms that George C Smith did not a system, only to sell, how as many "traders" selling system.

Everything is very simply and clearly written, although I had some difficulties, because I'm not native English speaker. The system uses price action, and a couple of indicators to filter out false entry. In instructions no "water" - all of the case. I'm having some difficulties with the oscar, but I hope that face it. For all the time I have tried many systems, including paid and I want to say that this deserves the highest rating.

Sorry for my English, as I wrote - I do not have them. I want to write a few words in the Cyrillic alphabet, so that the readers and the administration had no doubts that I do not shill.


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