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Itm financial review forex peace army

TradeRush Complaints - This is What Happened!

Itm financial review forex peace army. BI (a company owned by ITM Financial) is not honoring my withdrawal requests and I have $10, USD with them. I met all "conditions" (per then Manager Vicky Manolelis) and placed a request for withdrawal last November Today 01 February , my withdrawal request has been automatically.

Itm financial review forex peace army

I never post anything in this forum, I just read the reviews. However, this company is such an egregious scam I thought I'd better post something. I recently moved and changed my bank accounts.

ITM shut down the signal service as I had depleted the balance of one of my accounts previous to closing it. The account was the account I set up the payment from for the second installment of the The results were so bad I was just going to let the clock run out on the 60 days and get the refund.

Meanwhile, I had a deposit hit my account and ITM went in and swooped the money out without restarting the trade copier.

I had my attorney send certified mail to Shawn and it was returned as undeliverable. He is now working on locating Shawn's physical address for me. I will get my money back.

If anyone knows of these scammers whereabouts, please let me know. It has done nothing but lose money every week. Thank heavens I only traded mini lots on my live account. They always answer my request for a refund with BS and so-called proof of success over years!! They claim that for the 60 days guarantee period, the program made a profit. That's not how my account saw it!! I bought this product about two weeks ago. The results are awful. ITM financial is scam!!!

I am looking for people who lost their money with this scam. Lets gather together and sue "ITM financial". We can shot down this service completely. During that 2 month period the signals totaled minus pips. You can be sure that this free app is likely the start of another one of their sketchy marketing campaigns and if they get lucky with their calls over the first month they will be asking you to get out the credit cards. Still no refund from forexsocialsignals. Just cut off with loss in my account and no contact.

Hi Curt My Micro real account Started with and now down to Shawn checked this with a screen share yesterday. He also changed your settings in the trade copier, He said would improve trading. Shawn saw my account I am not lying to you.

Plus the draw down. My live Micro account is in the red. I will report the outcome. Apart from a clear breach of copyright the problem I have with their use of this chart is their email states it "proves" the target I calculated at 0.

A prediction does not "prove" anything". Logic fail guys. I strenuously object to my work being used by an apparent scam and in a spammy way. I object to my work being used commercially with no reference given to the author myself and I object to Action Forex publicly misinterpreting my work.

I take my online reputation seriously as an expert Elliott Wave analyst. My charts are presented in a consistently identifiable way and I don't want my reputation damaged by association with this illegal activity. I have the original file and can prove date of publication on Elliott Wave Forex.

The chart was published on 7th June, under copyright for Elliott Wave Forex and Action Forex used that same chart in their email advertising their webinar on 14th June, Below is another email I received from ITM Financial pitching the same product that they had to pull the results down from myfxbook and replace with a renamed product.

This is a Scam. When you market your product with the claims they do and delete the data so that people can't verify the claims that is a Scam. They continue to add new marketing with outrageous claims making some very slight changes. Look at the email below. Also, you can see they say there is a Full 60 day Guarantee if you are pip negative after 60 days.

This is the same Guarantee they will not honor for me even when they were down over pips in 60 days in my case. Do not get sucked in by their sleazy marketing campaign. The headline of the email is below. They closed down 3 London firms for 90 minutes.

Also, based on the fact that this email came from Alex and I received the same email from other people with different names, one of two things is going on.

Either they are inventing people or they sell their software through brokers. Beware when you see a company marketing like this!!! Hey Doug, It isn't often that a trading system comes along that causes Forex brokerage houses to stop trading while they watch the video.

It literally was sent as a private preview to 3 London trading firms and all 3 had their traders watch it. See It Here The system is built on a massive cloud computing system that "senses" trade direction before it happens and makes a killing. How do they do it? See How Here They have opened up 11 more trading spots as a favor for Dustin and each new member will receive 5 FREE forex trading tools that help make up their algorithm library. After the 11 spots are filled, the 5 FREE trading tools will be removed for new members.

Reserve your spot tonight and check out a system that can give massive returns with very low draw downs, consistently. Alex PS - They are so confident in their system that if you are net negative with them after 60 days, they give you a full refund.

Either they make money for you or they don't charge you I just received an solicitation in one of my email accounts to view another ITM webinar. The names were changed but all the links directed me to the exact same pages as the other webinar except the payment page. Any idea why I am having trouble inserting charts in jpg format? Can't finish this discussion without the facts.

The tactics they are using are by design and very polished and deceiving. I need to post these charts. Picture worth a words. Review Moderation Team Note: Please add the charts in the forums discussion thread.

If you are having issues adding charts there, please use "Contact Us" and someone on the forums team will try to assist you. Click the image below to verify our Authorize. We do not control your position size, just your Stop Loss max 30 pips on Intraday trades 4.

The Refund Policy is Simple. If after a minimum of 60 days of trading ITM Financial Signals all our results are Verified by our Real Account on Myfxbook , the number of pips lost is greater than the number of pips won i. That is how confident we are in our services. Your Success is Our Success as a company. Let me address their refund policy. Number 2 means nothing. Number 3 means that if our software messes up you can control the damage.

Thanks a lot for that option! Number 4 means that since we don't trust our own signals you have the option to run in demo mode. Number 5 is the best They guarantee that if over a 60 day period you don't LOSE money than you have bought the product.

They take the risk that they may be positive over 60 days even if its only by 1 pip and then you own the software. Pretty good gamble on their part. What do they have to lose. How big is their technical support staff anyway. Has anyone talked to anybody other than Shawn or Ali. I don't think so but they pitch this in there webinar like they have a support staff of people. The names were changes but all the links directed me to the exact same pages as the other webinar except the payment page.

Following is my request for a refund: I have now had the Product for 60 days and the pip total is negative. Please refund my purchase per your 60 Day Guarantee. Vanessa Smith Order ID email: Also below is Curt's email to me about 30 days ago telling me I was going to miss a huge run and they could not give me a refund if I disputed the charge with AmEx.


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