Medallion app trading system. Warning! Medallion App by James Simons is a trading Scam system for binary options. Read our Review before losing money with this fraud!!!

Medallion app trading system

Medallion App Trading System Review - PROVEN SCAM!!!

Medallion app trading system. BEST CURRENT SOFTWARE BEST TRADING APP. Is the Medallion App Trading System for binary options.

Medallion app trading system

To clear the doubts of traders that, is Medallionaire App a Scam? We have investigated it in full for this review and have found strong proof that much of what appears on the website is not genuine. We have discovered enough evidence to show that the MedallionaireApp. In this review of Medallion App system we shall set out the facts and expose all the deliberate deception and faked credentials that are being used to promote this scam.

We do not want anyone to lose money by thinking it safe to deposit their money into a trading account linked to the Medallion App Software. It is implied in the Medallion App video that the system has been developed over nine years of testing and is now being offered to the public by the mathematician and fund manager James Simons of Renaissance Technologies.

It is available for free, but only to a limited number of people, and only if you use one of the binary trading brokers listed on the Medallionaire App website. The software has been set up to provide profitable trading signals, which are easily accessible through any web browser or a mobile device. You do not need to have any knowledge of the financial markets or any trading experience, because one click is all that is required to for fully automated binary options trading.

After entering your name and email address to reserve your spot, you are required to sign up for a trading account with one of the binary options trading brokers named in the Medallionaire App User Guide. This guide also shows you how to deposit your trading funds. All you need to do is set the app to trade automatically on trading signals generated by the system.

See proof here of Fake Presenter: The website for the Medallionaire App System is very sophisticated and the video does include some factual financial information.

However, in researching for this review we found evidence of false credentials, deliberate deceptions and faked screenshots relating to the release of this automated trading software. Using the name of a genuine financial leader and some factual statistics about his achievements is very misleading. We could find no proof anywhere that James Simons actually has a connection to this free Medallion App trading software. James or Jim Simons born and the Renaissance Technologies company do exist, but he does not personally appear in the introductory MedallionApp.

There are only some still images of him, which are taken from Wikipedia, and some quotes that he may have made and that have been made about him. If this was not a scam, he would surely have been widely interviewed about his automated trading system. The two screenshots on the Medallionaire App webpage are clearly faked.

We have checked for the purposes of this review and can reveal that the articles about the Medallion App automated trading software that appear in the screenshot have never appeared on the BBC news site or the Fortune website.

We also checked up on Lucia Warner, who is named as the author of the Fortune article. There is no such journalist writing for Fortune. There is also an obvious error visible in her text, which proves this screenshot to be a fake. The official badges that appear on the Medallionaire App website, for financial monitors such as the FPSC, are not clickable and these have clearly been used to promote a scam. Fake Actor Shutterstock Profile See here: The traders who appear in the video promoting the Medallion App scam are hired actors, and so is the bearded man who presents all the financial details and talks about this being a limited offer.

The ticking down clocks and the talk of the free software being available to only a limited number of people are scam tactics to urge you to sign up and fund your account quickly. There is no indication of how many spots are available or how long the offer will last.

Testimonials on the MedallionaireApp. These are not genuine people. In researching for this review we could find no traders with those names discussing their success in financial forums, on trading blogs or through social media sites. This is because they do not actually exist. If it does refer to the amount of profit, this figure would of course only apply to winning trades.

The statement that trading with this Medallionaire App system is risk-free is another misleading promise, because there is no guarantee that you will not lose your deposit. If you are looking to Join any binary systems , always check our scam binary options signals page before you sign up with any products. For profitable systems that we recommend,see our trusted binary options signals page. From this Medallion App review it should be obvious that a scam has been set up to impress with a flashy video and references to official organizations, such as Forbes and Bloomberg.

With countdown clocks, and the implication that it is a limited offer, the people behind this scam clearly want to pressurize you into signing up quickly, without giving you any time to check out whether the whole thing is genuine or a scam. Our conclusion to this review has to be a strong warning to stay away from the Medallionaire App Method.

It may appear, at first look, to be a free software offer from a top fund manager, but our close investigation has exposed it as a scam. Share you Comments below. HI James I am very much interested in forex trading,but do not know how or whom to meet so that they can put me through about how it works.

Hey Samson ,Forex trading requires much Higher investment ,also you need to learn technical analysis ,check the sites Dailyfx. I suggest you to Join Mikes Autotrader or Dow Jones Focus group Autotrader than manual Forex trading , as these automated bots are doing really well now. I can say that this Medallion App is scam.

The money just vanished from my account. I have emailed them to refund my money, but not replied yet. Stay away from this scam!!! Actually it was my Greed that result in loss. I see your review little late. Hi Roger ,Sorry to hear that you lost , the Medallion App is top scam, they created a website like Virtnext design to cheat traders.

For your question Virtnext is Good? I have gained Virtnext is one of the best auto trader in the markets now.. James have already reviewed Virtnext — see this http: I lost money here too, Autotrade does not work. Trying to recall the remaining fund. Please u can refer me to another auto trading group in my mail. Sweet Jesus just saved me from this scammers!

The moment I sent my registration one of their goons called me promising financial freedom and money rolling in few hours. The guy who spoke to me insisted that I make the deposit now and not later. That put me on red alert. Then I requested to do my investigation, speak to my wife as well before taking the plunge and guess what the guy almost laughed me to scorn for claiming I have to consult with my wife first.

He used this bot and won all 6 trades. Roy has proven the bots he uses, before he recommends them. You can Join if you believe Roy , i have already exposed with Proof. Now its up to you to fall in to this scam or not. Thank you very much for your blog. I almost lost my money. Now, which genuine or real trading system will we invest in order to make some extra money?

Thanks God I was reading this article when I was on the phone with the person who called me. I quickly hung up and I felt safe thanks to you; however, they continue calling me.

Now, i feel very insecure about this kind of method to invest or earn money. Does really exist something genuine and reliable? Thanks for Your blog. I was going to join their medallion app. Is Dow jones still accepting new traders. Thought it was only for 90 days. How good is vertnext. Hi Rhonda Dow Jones is Accepting New members , it was started for 90 days but due to its huge success they have extended for 30 more days.

Sign up before January 31st if you need to join http: HI, I lost thousands of Rands ZAR the past month within less than 2 weeks due to attempting to join Medallion App which guided me to a Broker site which even scammed me on an overspent Credit Card amount of which has nearly put my own Financial status in jeopardy losing had earned money.

The Binary Broker support was horrendous. What do you think of binaryoptionrobot. Are they profitable in any way? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

What is the Medallionaire App Method? Why Is Medallion App a Scam? Conclusion From this Medallion App review it should be obvious that a scam has been set up to impress with a flashy video and references to official organizations, such as Forbes and Bloomberg. Comments HI James I am very much interested in forex trading,but do not know how or whom to meet so that they can put me through about how it works.

Some one please reply me as i need to cover this loss. I almost believed them. Thank you for the wonderful service. I almost bought the app. Hi James, Thank you very much for your blog.


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