Questrade iq web. Questrade IQ Web provides delayed quote streaming or real time quote streaming data to suit any type of trader. Access to quote types is based on your market data package and the additional data you've selected. Instant, real time snap quotes are also provided to all Questrade clients free of charge.

Questrade iq web

IQ Edge: level 1 window

Questrade iq web. The charts in Questrade IQ Web give you a sophisticated array of tools, studies and drawings that allow you to track the movements and performance of any symbol. Track the current and historical price of a security and choose the range and duration of your chart. Right-click anywhere within the chart tab to access buy or.

Questrade iq web

You can choose between a basic and an advanced layout when you log in to IQ Web for the first time. See Modifying general user preferences for details. If you are using the basic layout, the add gadget icon in the upper right corner of the main window will not be available. The balances and level 1 gadgets will appear in the sidebar by default, and you will not be able to add, change, or collapse gadgets. If you are using the advanced layout, you will be able to add gadgets using the add gadget icon in the upper right corner of the main window.

You will also be able to change or collapse open gadgets. IQ Web allows you to add and remove customizable windows.

These windows are called gadgets and can be arranged in various different ways. Gadgets are only available in the advanced layout of the platform. For information on how to add a gadget, see Adding a gadget. You can customize a gadget by clicking the a gadget header to expand or collapse it, or by b using the separator arrows to resize the gadget.

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Level 1 quote areas. Level 1 data columns. Level 2 quote areas. Level 2 data columns. Level 2 market depth. Public and personal watch lists. Watch list snap quote gadget. Adding and updating a watch list snap quote gadget. Creating a new watch list. Adding a symbol to a watch list. Sorting data in a watch list. Creating a stock or options order from a watch list. Deleting a symbol from the watch list.

Renaming or deleting a watch list. Viewing time and sales information. Subscribing to a time and sales streaming data plan. Time and sales columns. Alert conditions and operators. Setting up your global alert preferences. Modifying an individual alert's notification preferences. Modifying or deleting an active alert. Looking up a chart for a symbol. Changing the visible range manually. Optimizing the range automatically. Comparing two or more symbols on the same chart. Adding or removing a drawing.

Adding or removing a study. Set your home tab screener. Look up a symbol in the research tab. Look up an income statement, balance sheet, or cash flow for a company. Look up insider activity for a symbol. Look up a symbol in the stock news tab. Look up articles in the markets and economy tab. Search for a stock or an exchange traded fund. Understand the snapshot search filter for stocks.

Understand the growth search filter. Understand the market search filter. Understand the valuation search filter. Understand the snapshot search filter for ETFs. Understand the performance search filter. Understand the portfolio search filter. View an investment detail report. Generate a PDF report.

Understand the release dates. Introduction to Intraday Trader. Select a pre-defined event setup. Customize a pre-defined event setup. Create a customized event setup.

Choose a pre-defined watch list or create a custom one. Create a custom watch list. Monitor intraday events as they occur. Detach a window in Intraday Trader. Creating a stock order. Creating an option order. Creating an option strategy order.

Reviewing your account activity. Reviewing your order history. Modifying or cancelling open orders. Closing or adding to a position. Checking your current balances. Viewing profit and loss figures. Modifying general user preferences. Modifying order entry preferences. Modifying level 2 preferences. Getting a practice account. Logging in to a practice account. Unpublished archive IQ Web Layouts and gadgets.

Layouts You can choose between a basic and an advanced layout when you log in to IQ Web for the first time. Customizations made in the advanced layout will be saved and will remain in effect on your next login. However, if you switch from the advanced to basic layout and then back again, all customization will be lost. Gadgets IQ Web allows you to add and remove customizable windows. What do you want to do?

Add a gadget Remove a gadget Replace a gadget Link or unlink a tab or gadget Customize window's displayed columns. All content in the Exchange , whether provided by Questrade or created by the community members, is for informational purposes only and does not contain advice or recommendations on behalf of Questrade Inc. Use of this site is subject to the terms of service and user posting rules. Community Dashboard Blogs Forums Terms of service.


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