Xlt trading course. I paid almost 7k for a 1 week course that is not as good as the 13 training courses offered here almost for free. If you try to call for support after your class is over you have two choices 1. is to retake the course 2. is to pay around 5 k for additional help via the XLT course, which they tell you is the next step in.

Xlt trading course

How to use Demand and Supply, various other tools in TradeTiger

Xlt trading course. This advanced course transforms the theory learned in Forex Trader into real world currency trading. Learn more about our XLT - Forex Trading here.

Xlt trading course

If you're asking about the course that Apiary gives, I've been trying to make time to keep going through it. So far, I think it's very good, and explains everything very well. I've not looked at any other courses. I took a trading course at OTA. I liked it but I think that the info and courses offered here at apiary are far superior.

OTA is a fast paced week long course after that is over they try to sell you more support. I paid almost 7k for a 1 week course that is not as good as the 13 training courses offered here almost for free. If you try to call for support after your class is over you have two choices 1. I took the course because i was hungry for education and did not know where to get it.

I am thankful for the start that the classes gave me, but in hind sight their are much better avenues to go for trader education in my opinion. Trading buddies seem to be hard to come by, for whatever the reason. At that point, you would have the option of setting aside some time, often via Skype, to exchange trades, trading tips, screens or what have you. If I may, Fordvidex, you make it a little difficult for another bee to become a trading buddy when you've not "declared" your strategy.

One of the benefits of the Forum of course, is anonymity another is that it's a great place to learn, by posing questions when we honestly don't know the answer.

There you'll find diversity, enthusiasm and that unmistakeable drive that should lead you to one or more kindred trading spirits. Why would you spend thousands on another trading course, before mastering the 12 courses Apiary offers you? Which provides a tremendous value compared to what you pay for it. BIGGEST mistake new traders make is jumping from course to course, seminar to seminar, strategy to strategy and relying on others' opinions to validate their own.

I know because I've been through all the mistakes and finally decided to immerse myself in ONE course and master ONE strategy at a time and focus on risk management. That's all you need. And I am planning to join the group soon,. This has made a huge positve difference in my trading i. If you follow Mark's suggestions on how to remain disciplined and how to control your emotions, then you are well on your way to becoming funded.

I graduated from their Pro Trader and Pro Forex classes last year. Glad to meet a fellow OTA alumni. I have been using successfully the supply and demand strategies in stock market. I am not finding much trades in Forex using these techniques.

It doesn't matter if its equities, futures, options, or currencies. Obviously, each of the asset classes have their own differences, such as for stocks they can gap, whereas Forex does not. I do not trade stocks. I trade only Forex and binary options on Forex pairs. Let me begin by asking what type of trader are you? Are you intraday, swing or positional? I find the Forex markets are much more suitable for swing and longer term positional trades.

Think about the organizations that are trading on the Forex? They are banks, huge multinational corporations and governments. These organizations don't day trade. They are not trading off the 5 minute chart. They trade longer term positions for hedging purposes. I want to be where they are trading at not where the retail crowd is at. Now, that doesn't mean you can't trade intraday, its just not my preference. I just joined Apiary this week and have used OTA's strategy in making three 3 successful trades consecutively: They were all short term swing trades.

Av Nath, keep looking and doing your analysis on the charts. You can see the institutions footprints on them. The opportunities will appear. Are you trading cross pairs or primarily the majors?

Feel free to send a private message to me and I will gladly give you my email address. The OTA strategy is proprietary and I would not want to discuss too much in detail here.

I became a member of Apiary trading group Honeycomb from May ' Mainly I do intraday and swing. To complete trades fast I adopted Scalping techniques. Shawn the Apiary founder prefers scalping. If you see some of his recordings you will know the reasons. After 2 weeks, If my performance is ok, I will be funded. No person, institution, or entity, including the Apiary Investment Fund, can guarantee a return on investment for such transactions.

Neither the Apiary Investment Fund nor its representatives will recommend the purchase, sale, or transaction advice for a specific security. To learn more about how to get involved, sign up now for a 14 day free trial or fill out the form below and preview the training right now! Skip to main content. Did anyone here take a course at the online trading academy? I guess you are trading their strategy of supply and demand. So how is it going? I am looking for a trading buddy with the same strategy, to share my trades.

It is to mach to explain in the forum if you did not know it from before. I'm pleased I popped on here your advice alone says it all Nelson.. I tend to go from one strategy to another and more so looking to become that good scalper?

But truth as it I go looking for information that in the end confuses me Can't see the wood for the trees Colin We must be disciplined I'm gonna write that out a hundred times Thanks for the reminder Nelson Hi RKGracia Thanks for your positive reply.

We can share our experiences in making ourselves better traders. I am happy to get a friendly OTA alumni.


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