Asc trend binary options system. I've been testing this binary options system for a while and the results look great (80% winning rate). It consists of 2 trading indicators. Download now.

Asc trend binary options system

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Asc trend binary options system. 81# AscTrend Binary System. Submit by Michael 27/09/ AscTrend Binary System is a trend momentum strategy based on Asctrend (modified indicator build on the Jma) and KDJ indicator of momentum. This trading system works also without binary options. Time Frame 15min or higher. Best Time frame withot binary.

Asc trend binary options system

Beginner's Lounge Binary Options Brokers. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of I don't own it or created it. I simply found it during searching online and decided to share here as I think it might be helpful to some of you. Russians recognized this system for MetaTrader some years ago and this western trading system was not very profitable but had as great potential so Russians wanted to create the same system to be Russian system only.

They had to continue the development and improvements of this western system. Finally we have most famous trading system for Metatrader which was developed, tested, evaluated and reviewed by all forex community in the world irrespective of the barriers and countries Quote from TSD.

This is the system we can see now in this package. The discovery is the early recognition of the market trend coupled with the ability to set optimal stops that escort the trader towards ultimate profit. It's important find the currency pairs in trend because in sideways market , you can have false signals. In the pictures AscTrend Binary system. I've tested it for couple of hours in Friday's market and made 3 ITMs in a row.

Last edited by rommark; at Are you really using all these different strategies or just blowing smoke? From what I can tell these guys are selling their software Did you took time to read before posting this?

There are many nice stuff online which people don't find or cant find as not anyone spending time searching, so I bring it here if I find something nice - that's called sharing my findings, NOT affiliate or selling. To your question - again if you were reading my post you could see I tested it today and traded it.

I tested this strategy with 1 one more person I did and he did before sharing it here. We liked it both so I shared to allow more people test it.

As done in the strategy I just posted? I mentioned Wintik just as additional source of statement about this specific indicator. Wintik selling this indicator for TradeStation which I dont even use but it's MT4 version publicly free and available as you can see.

I've nothing to do with Wintik but simply objectively attached information I've found on their site about this indicator and since I tend to say my sources of information I post I mentioned their name. Anything I did in this post wrong? I supposed to stop sharing here? If people think my sharing is not useful and you ask me, I will stop, no issues.

I had great motivation continue and sharing here, especially after all those members who contacted me and thanked me for my shares. Originally Posted by Michael Hodges. Hey Rommark looks like a nice strategy.

Did you experience some trouble installing the template too? All the indicators are there but the template won't work and the ascend trend indicator won't work for me too. Something to be aware of while installing? What's do do with the "include" folder? Originally Posted by airquest. If you knew how to read, you would see that what is shared here is free. Put your glasses on man. And because is if you all will put on your glasses you will see that these posts are nothing more than cut and paste copies of other peoples websites.

We're here to learn to trade, not take advantage of each other Im not saying anyone should pay for it, just curious about to motivations here. I have been trading for a long time and don't just switch from strat to strat on a whim as Roomark seems to be doing. All I want is for some real informative posting, not just linking to stuff you find on the internet.

If the strat works so great then give us some charts and other supporting evidence besides " I won 5 out of 6 trades". Hi Meister, Simply Copy the file from include to the include folder under mql4 path. That's how i did and it works great!

Hope you enjoy it as some of us already do. All times are GMT. The time now is Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting. Exciting offers just for you.


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