Forex autopilot stop loss. This site as well as the Report and the Stop-Loss Watch Dog™ Robot will be most helpfull to those who are considering or investigating the Forex Autopilot system as a means of making money online, automatically. It assumes that you are familiar with the concepts of Forex and Automated Forex Trading software and are.

Forex autopilot stop loss

Mastering Stop Loss in Forex Trading

Forex autopilot stop loss. Various applications to automate analysis and trading are available in the 'Expert Advisors' section. It features various applications based on different trading algorithms and provides different degrees of automation. You can find simple EAs and complex trading robots that can fully automate analysis and trading processes.

Forex autopilot stop loss

Please be aware of another web site selling completely different software with a very similar name ForexAutoPilot. If you wish to review either product, please be careful and make sure you place your review in the correct category. I then set a huge stop loss of pips. I had also trade a very small micro-lot size of 0. I will review it for another 2 more weeks then i will go live on this EA.

Happy Trading to everyone and remember the idea is take many times of small profit and don't be greedy cause greed will kill you eventually. Ann, can you please use the "Contact Us" link on the bottom of the page. Guys please, just think. Why on earth would somebody who has developed a system that consistently makes profits sell it to you? This does not make sense.

In fact, if you have purchased one of these systems or are even considering to buy one, I end your trading career here. I do not want to insult, but you are lacking common sense and I can guarantee that you will lose your money. I tested forexautopilot on demo. I use the default setting and blown up my account: I use other setting which is have pip SL, so far so good U can find the result on http: Iam back again with new update.

This time I will be very short. I have also mentioned that I had set my other charts on M15 charts eight pairs with pips spread. My setting now is that I trade only two pairs, does not matter which, on fifteen minute charts with second computer.

When you account for compounding it can earn you some good money on the long run without much worry or sweat. To summarise -I like this EA. Wishing you well and may your Easter eggs be filled with many pips. From that day until today Febr 28 EA earned me pips, all trades were winners. I have screwed up when I closed MA4 while in the trades. This way there were opened four trades. I did not notice it untill it was too late, so I manually closed them as Jap Yen started to reverse so I lost twice 14 pips and twice 8 pips.

Do not close MT4 while in open trade. I am very satisfied so far. Give them 4 Stars for now. Today I have installed another ForexAutopilot which works this time on 1minute charts. Will inform you next week how it is doing. The booklet and instructions are first class. But what I am excited about one of their bonuses. Will let you know what happens.

First the e-mails we exchanged: Should I stop the trade when it reaches lower Bollinger Bands at Sorry for taking your time. Regards, Ferdinand Mark answers: Hi, Everything has been set properly so that the system can automatically trade for you.

However if you are an expert in MetaTrader and you are so confident about your money management strategies, you can change some settings stop loss, take profit to suit with your trading styles. I was still concerned about stop loss.

Here what Mark says: Hi, Even your trade is negative, please don't worry, the system will automatically deal with it.

Someday there might be no trade. Please be patient, it will work. Stop Loss set to 0, it does not mean the system doesn't have a clear stop loss or take profit strategy. Everything has been set properly so that the system can automatically trade for you. Also I had another problem trading only one currency pair, fearing there will not be enough trades to earn decent money in the long run.

So I placed his EA on eight pairs which have only pips spread. Not happy earning "only" pips last week I set four charts on D1 then other four M5,M15,M30 and 1hour chart. The four Day1 charts did not have any entries. M5, M30 and H1 also did not have any trades.

Six were closed two with some loss and 29 still in trade all in profit! Since it was about 15 min to Friday close 29 Febr I have closed them all manually. Today I have set Four of my charts to D1 and four charts to 15 minutes charts and will monitor then what will happen on Monday.

No ratings to this comment today. May the Pips follow you all! Your product seems like a hash of old ea's put together into one "amazing software package". Its recycled, that's what it is. Anyhow, the site screams scam all over it, the pictures of the Bentley with matching licence plate number: RX55KCF you "own" is the same one put up for sale on http: First a clarification about "Autopilots".

It is a "black box" There is only one EA. This "autopilot is very slow in my experience takes 2 or more days to find a trade. Again it takes ages to find a trade and then the results are mediocre.

I cannot say what it could produce in longer trial as I got rid of it. I purchased this software, then immediately felt like I had been suckered into a "bait and switch.

Furthermore, the site shows 1-hour charts. I emailed Mark Copeland with specific questions about these issues. He responded with an answer that didn't address my questions. I sent a second email, reiterating my questions.

This time, no answer. I don't know if the software actually works. It certainly isn't what's promoted on the web site.

Company appears to be out of business. Live discussion Join live discussion of Forex-Autopilot-System. Video Your company video here? Court cases Open 0 Resolved 0 Not guilty 0 Guilty 0. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

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