Glory forex bureau. Eating 3 Jahazi Coffee House C2 4 Tamarind Restaurant D1 Shopping Books First (see 5) 5 Nakumatt Supermarket A5 Information 6 AAR Health Services A2 7 Aga Khan Hospital B4 8 Fort Jesus Forex Bureau C2 9 Immigration Office D3 10 KWS Office D3 11 Mobasa Hospital D3 12 Standard Chartered Bank C2 Sights.

Glory forex bureau

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Glory forex bureau. Eating 3 Jahazi Coffee House C2 4 Tamarind Restaurant D1 Shopping Books First (see 5) 5 Nakumatt Supermarket A5 Information 6 AAR Health Services A2 7 Aga Khan Hospital B4 8 Fort Jesus Forex Bureau C2 9 Immigration Office D3 10 KWS Office D3 11 Mobasa Hospital D3 12 Standard Chartered Bank C2 Sights.

Glory forex bureau

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