Best forex martingale ea. Forex Indicators Collection I am not a fan of Martingale systems BUT, this thread starter was asking "What are the best Martingale's expert advisor?? But to make is easier for you, Blessing 2 has a Equity protection can set it at 50% and if your equity drop below 50%, the EA just stop trading."No loss" recovery hedging system - Successful Forex.

Best forex martingale ea

Best martingale Ea 2017!!! 1000 to 2686.42 in 2 months!

Best forex martingale ea. It is a martingale hedge expert advisor strategy any time it close s all open orders in profit if you want it sned.

Best forex martingale ea

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Well ill give you my personal advice: There was a time that I investigated the whole use-martingale-and-withdraw-regularly idea, but I was not convinced. If you still want to go this route here is a little bot that might be of help. Quite helpful in case you wake up to find your account wiped. Even though I don't use a martingale strategy, I use this bot as a safe guard, thankfully it has never been hit, but if my EA gets caught in a horrible trade, I am prepared.

A martingale system isn't a trading system, it is a recovery system. There is also a slow recovery system which doubles the value of the trades until the lost amount is fully recovered. It is far better to use the two together so you can limit the martingale in size and use the slow recovery to recover from a martingale failure. However, the martingale still grows too fast and you can reduce the amount of increase by passing some of the recovery over to the amount of pips required for recovery.

Lets compare a martingale sequence to a Fibonacci sequence. Iteration Martingale value Fibonacci 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 3 4 8 5 5 16 8 As you can see, the size of the martingale is twice the size of the Fibonacci sequence by the 5th iteration.

The difference is that the martingale will fully recover all losses with the same number of pips range size as the previous losses where the Fibonacci will start at the same size but will grow to 1. It will never get larger than 1.

You can and should use a slow recovery system to compensate for any Fibonacci failures. A failure is reaching a predefined number of iterations before starting over at twice the size. This is called recovery mode and you would stay in recovery mode until you have fully recovered from the failure.

So I gave up and am testing from where it jumped too. However, all the history is there so you can follow the logic. Of course if you really want to learn systemic trading, I am excepting students. Hope this helps, Bob. Hope this helps, Bob you are correct bob that why i am working on this ea same results on all pairs expt eurusd. So sad but true! All you need is one recovery program to work and all the deeply held truths that 'Martingales will eventually blow up your account' are seen for what they truly are, fear of the unknown.

Do you think any trading system works right from the first? No, that's not how it's done. First we get something that seems like it will work then work with it for years. The problem with the young traders is that they haven't had enough time on the job to know what works, so nothing does. If you can go away and come back in 20 years or so, this brand new market will have been around long enough for us to develop something that will work and earn you about what stocks are making you right now.

I have a recovery system that works, although I still have a little bug in the program that I am fighting with. So I know from actual experience that there is a recovery system which is generally called a Martingale that does work therefore the advice to not try something that does work because there was 30 ones that didn't, seems to be somewhat irrational.

May I suggest a statement more on the order of, 'I have been trading BLANK number of years and have yet to see a System in question to work without eventually crashing the account'.

I have been trading the forex market since June and in all that time, I have only seen one recovery system that I would put my money with. Remember, 'If man was meant to fly, he would have wings', so we just made some. Everything is impossible until someone is the first to do it.

May the Forex be with you. U may double your deals in way if you have endless amount of money All News Capitol Report: Senate strikes amendment from Trump celebrates tax bill-victory as oppone Trump breaks silence on Flynn, says he had For the stock market, i For the stock mark Looking to open a Forex account? Open Live Open Demo. Continue Browsing Download App. Previous 1 2 3 4 Hope this helps, Bob Quote Message Report where research touches lives. Hope this helps, Bob you are correct bob that why i am working on this ea same results on all pairs expt eurusd Attachments: Quote Message Report Profit for investor.

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