Forex tester history data. Get the full and complete understanding how to grow professionally as a trader using historical data and backtesting tools.

Forex tester history data

How to Download Historial Forex Data - Metatrader 4 Tutorial

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Forex tester history data

Forex Tester allows downloading historical data from our server or importing the data directly from text files. We provide free historical data starting from 01 January until the current moment.

These data can be downloaded via the Data Center window in the Forex Tester program or in archives from our site. Our software converts historical data to a highly timeframes automatically, so we recommend importing 1-minute data into the program, in this case, you will be able to use these data on any timeframes in Forex Tester program.

Historical data can be imported via the Data Center window only. You need to download data only once; they will be stored on your local disk once you download the data from our server. Note that the list of available brokers can vary depending on the Data Service type.

You can get more detailed information dedicated to the historical rates at this page: With the help of this dialog you can add your missing data Forex Tester will automatically determine which data are missing for this currency symbol , or just download data over some period of time.

In the Info box, you can see the information about the broker and symbol, available data range and the type of data to download. Data Server provides two types of history - 1-minute history and tick history which consists of real ticks and gives the best quality of testing. Tick history is available only for Premium service subscribers.

In the Date Range box you can define what part of history you want to download. If you select the Download new history option, then you will get the part of history from the last update. This method is very useful to update your history time by time, so you always have up to date historical data.

If you have an empty history or cleared history before import - it will download all available history for this symbol. If you select the Download part of history option, then you will get the history for the requested period, this history will be correctly merged with the previously imported historical data.

In the Select data to download box, you can define the type of data to download. Please read more info about data service types here. If you have selected a large amount of historical data to download, the server will need some to prepare the files. The Import history dialog allows importing historical data from a file into the program. The source data should contain bars for a one minute timeframe or higher 5M, 1H, 1D, etc.

Lower timeframes will be incorrect in this case and this can result in a low testing quality. You can find the data files on our site here: Once the file is selected, Forex Tester will try to determine the destination currency automatically and select the necessary currency in Import to symbol: If the file does not contain information about the currency, the program will not be able to determine the currency automatically: Also, the user can use Shift time hours: It is necessary if the user imports data from different sources with different time zones and wants to have the same time zone for all his data.

You can also activate "Delete the previously imported history for this symbol. If you want to add a new history to the existing one - do not check this checkbox" option, in this case our program will delete all previously imported data for this symbol. If the text format is selected, the user will see the dialog above. The program will try to determine all fields automatically, but you can also change them manually.

If columns are defined in a wrong way or some information is missing, the user will see a red text indicating the number of errors. To import history data, click the Import button.

When our program finishes importing historical data you will see the message below:. Forex Tester is a software that simulates trading in the Forex market, so you can learn how to trade profitably, create, test and refine your strategy for manual and automatic trading. Software to copy trades between MT4 accounts. We'll help you become intelligent Money Managers and gain you entry into the elite group that actually makes money trading Forex. Software that opens trades in a fraction of a second with a built-in risk management calculator.

Compatible with Forex Tester and MT4.


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