Forex trading illegal in sri lanka. Forex, also known as the legal money in Sri Lanka, and there are companies that can help with advice and tools such as online marketing qwinsla.comgh negotiation, not very popular, there are a large number of people who are already trading in FOREX Sri Lanka. Start with many trading platforms on.

Forex trading illegal in sri lanka

BloombergUTV Exclusive: Big Story - Illegal Forex Trading

Forex trading illegal in sri lanka. Forex trading is illegal in Sri Lanka. Refer to the explicit warning from central bank. Unauthorized/Illegal Foreign Exchange Trading Activities.

Forex trading illegal in sri lanka

Please excuse the multiple spelling mistakes, as I have taken the chat transcript exactly as it is. Further, you have to deposit money into a foreign account via your credit card. This is also a violation due to unauthorised foreign remittances. Also, your Credit Card has been issued for personal use only, and not for trading purposes. If you have an internationally issued Credit card, then that would be OK, but if you residing in Sri Lanka, you still cannot get away from my first point regarding unlicensed trading.

It requires deep insight to know how the market will turn and you have to stay at it. Having a good night sleep and then coming back, you may find that the market has gone completely in the other direction. I have a question Admin: How do I do that? With my credit card? How you know is this Illegal? Central Bank Rule, from what I have heard. Cannot do foreign remittances of that sort. Can U Find Answer?

World Central Banks do not matter. Your domain is LakForex. Your site should have a clear statement about the risks as well as the legal status. Authorities would be very interested in what you are saying through this site.

Warning that it illegal? Illegal for Sri Lankan Citizens to do it Admin: They can do it Admin: You can restrict it based on IP address, or put a notification about the legal status. The fact that this site is in Sinhala shows that you are targeting locals Admin: Be very careful in that case.

The authorities would initiate legal action against you. From, Your Side Admin: Ultimately, look around, and make the right decision for yourself.

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