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Forex candle predictor indicator

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Forex candle predictor indicator. Currently this product is not able to be sold. Forex Candle Predictor – indicator that shows buy and sell arrows on your MT4 chart. As developer (Ashton Fraser) say on his website, Indicator is not repaint. ForexCandlePredictor usually generate about 5 – 10 signals per day, sometimes – 10 to 15 alerts in a single day (on all.

Forex candle predictor indicator

I purchased this indicator on jun 29 There were lots of problem like arrow missing, arrows give an up signal but the next candle is a down candle and vice versa and also the infrequent signals given. The customer service is atrocious as they ignore you when you have a problem. This indicator is currently paddled by a person call AshFx or forexmoment.

His explanation was that there should on average 2 signals per week. But i beg to defer. There were 3 signals that week. Jul 8 to jul 15 is the second week but there were no new signals just the last 3 signals from the week before. Jul 15 to Jul 22 is the third week and again there is no new signals just the last 3 signals from the first week.

I emailed Ashfx and was given a long lecture that his indicator works and that I do not understand the concept of 2 signals per week. I am disappointed with this product and I ask for a refund but he refuse and again said there is nothing wrong with his indicator. I want to advise all to be careful and not to purchase this indicator. It is nothing but a piece of rubbish not worth at all the money you pay.

How much you paid for the indicator? And how good were the 3 signals you received in the first week? I paid USD for a problematic piece of rubbish. At first, I emailed to him and were polite and nice asking him for a refund as I am terribly frustrated with his indicator.

He ignore my emails even though I emailed him every day to himself as well as his support. When he finally replied, he argue with me about his accuracy of his arrows and accuse me for not able to understand what is average etc. Up to date, he refuse to refund me making excuses that I should be nice and polite instead of using disgusting words in my email.

I used tough words in my email because first he refuse to reply and secondly he argues with me and refuse to refund.

Instead of " no question asked" kind of refund he defended his indicator. If I seek a refund, and if he refund me, the indicator will be disabled and I will not be able to use it after that. Would I do that if I am so profitable using his indicator? On hind sight, nobody can make use of such indicator where it only predicts the next bar is up or down. What good is that to supplement anybody existing strategy? I cracked my head to think of one but I could not.

The down bar can be a small bar followed by many up bars after that. You will be burnt if you make a sell based on that. Even with a knowledge that the next bar would be a down bar, what action can you possibly take to make a profitable trade. I really have no idea. He probably will say for that kind of price I should not expect a holy grail.

Its as bad as tossing a coin. After I posted this thread, I got a few pms from traders who experienced the same treatment from him. I am not at liberty to say who are but they confided that they get the impression that this guy does not like people to question his indicator and some say they got banned and he is simply rude. I shall end here and I think I should not waste any more time since I have said what I am suppose to say. My only objective is to warn all traders not to buy into some thing that is problematic, inaccurate and inconsistent and they dont get a refund from him at the end.

Forex candle predictor Trading Discussion. Hi all if anyone of you is thinking of purchasing the indicator call Forex Candle Predictor, please dont.


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