Forex capital trading reviews. 2 FOREX CAPITAL TRADING PARTNERS reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.

Forex capital trading reviews

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Forex capital trading reviews. Forex Capital Trading reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.

Forex capital trading reviews

Was this review helpful? Marie asked on Nov 29, I have dealt with them Khalid abbasi replied on Nov 29, Write a review Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Be warned and do not sign up with these people. Thought it would be best to warn people what is going on here.

There is no way a team of over 50 sales people with no experience in forex should be operating. The point of being an account manager solely is to get more and more money out of you as well as making money on the spread. I would not Be surprised if they ring a bell on the sales floor for a good sale I even overheard someone congratulating another sales person for a big deposit out of a client.

When I mentioned moving averages and pivot points I was met with a blank expression by someone who had zero idea what I was talking about. Are you for real? The young HR girl on further investigation was previously the office manager and somehow progressed to HR and the sales manager was previously the operations manager surprise surprise no trading experience even in a boss beyond selling finance media sales.

What is going to happen when you wake up one day and the Dow is down points or JP Morgan crash gold and bitcoin. Good luck with that one. Write a review on ProductReview. Verified Customer Can't Withdraw my own money I am not talking about any bonuses. If the following is not enough then compare their spreads and huge margins.

Back to topic After I saw reviews on this site I decided to withdraw my remaining balance but Can't Withdraw my own money I am not talking about any bonuses. And then again rejected. They called me and try to convince me but after few days I requested again and also told them stop calling me to convince but I want my remaining amount back. I don't like posting negative about anyone but I leave it to you guys decide yourself.

If you want to through your money then do business with ForexCT. If you deposit you will never get beck your money. Account manger will guide you to loose all your deposit. Can't withdraw my money. In my opinion, the currency trading seems losing your money too fast. It's truly complicated, confusing and requires a huge amount of time and energy to watch the screen constantly. If you are an ordinary person who engaged with the daily life, it's not the cup of tea for you, it makes you feel like a " Motley fool", because, you have no idea what you're doing, when you be able to get a chance of making money I guess it is indeed a sophisticated gambling Just like to learn more about the platform only been trading force two week's i entered a trade this morning don't know if i made mistake or not can someone help thanks.

Happy but a few concerns. I have only been trading a week. Any loses have been my fault, such as forgetting to put stop losses on and going against my own intuition and getting too greedy. Only gripe I have is that I try to withdraw money and it does not happen.

I ask and my contact says it will go back into my credit card. Another who I asked said I have to tell the accounts department my bank account number.

Their system seems designed to make withdrawing funds difficult and even depositing is difficult as it asks for margins but then will not accept the deposit. It would be much easier if you could put in your account number and withdraw at leasure like a bank account which as they are a registered financial institution, should be easy. I am trying to compare costs and keep an IG platform open at the same time. I see that Forex take quite a large fee on each trade so it's obvious they make money whether you win or lose and that is why they give you money.

This is quite obvious if you watch when you place a trade as you never get the price you buy or sell at so anyone who calls them thieves has only themselves to blame.

It does appear that they are way more expensive tan IG but I find the IG platform difficult to know how much you will make as its portrayed in different units. Anyone who can elaborate how to compare would be appreciated. Also my manager does not reply often to my emai with questions about trading, but does only when I mention social issues.

Go ahead if you are happy losing money fast Money is so hard to come by to lose it this easily. They keep pestering you to join. Got my name from somewhere and constantly hound you to join. Calling often and being very persuasive. They focus on people with huge sums of money and neglect you if you have smaller amounts ie. But most of the advice is wrong and you will Lose a lot of money.

Often trades go opposite to lose money. No one has a crystal ball to know exactly what financial markets will do. Their advice is not guaranteed to make you money and often you will lose. But try it for yourself and see. This is my miserable experience. I am a new trader with forexct, have been with them only 4 weeks and have found the staff, and account manager to be nothing short of professional.

They contact me everyday with up to date relative information so I can put up a trade, which to date has been 25 for, and 4 against, pretty good I would think. I have already sent two new traders their way and believe they will have the same success. I could not be more satisfied. Easy to pass the blame. I was shocked to see amount of effort this company makes in treating every client with the same level of support and guidance.

So losers get back to casino and leave the trading for mature people who are stable, patient and have realistic. Tell you false information. Mix truth with fiction so you will eventually loose. They will trap your funds. There spreads are the worst in Australia. Their slippage is shocking. SO if you don't understand what that means in simple terms, they are robbing pieces off your account every trade made win or loose.

Love trading with an Australian compnay! Have really enjoyed the service and delivery From Forexct. I highly recommend Forexct for anybody that is looking for a local trading company in Melbourne with friendly account managers.

I have had amazing time and success trading with ForexCT. The support is impressive. Their technical analyses is spot on. Only advise I will give you is to stay in control of your emotion and do trading seriously with goals. Have nothing bad to say, service has been great, platform is easy to use and I feel confident trading with them because they've been around much longer than most Aussie forex companies.

Be careful dodgy company Hard to get your money back once you send it to them I wouldn't recommend on my experience. Forexct CAN make you money. Like many other investors, I started with a small investment. Now I was very happy when my first trade made me good dollars. I am a complete amateur. I always used the Westpac Brokers to do my trading in the past. Remember that every time you invest, they also invest. I was informed right or wrong that they basically utilise your invested money to make them money, which is fine.

But what is annoying is that they make literally millions, obviously through good investment strategies, whilst my money was deteriorating. One would think that a great strategy for them would be to ensure that your money kept building, allowing them more to trade with also.

Every day I traded, whether it be a good trade or a loss, the account manager would always say I will talk to you tomorrow or after the weekend. I think from about calls he called me once or twice. I was forever having to leave messages for him and rarely received a return call. I have spoken on facebook to several Forexct investors who have ALL lost their money. Forexct informed me that they have many investors that are making thousands of dollars a week.

I have lost much of my small investment thanks to their very bad advice. You can contact me on facebook or twitter and I will tell you more on a personal level.

Forexct allows you to trade currencies and cfds. You are set up with an account manager who is your contact person.


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