Forex pivot trading system. The "BENPUZZY Linear MA Pivot Forex Trading System" is one of the most profitable strategies to be employed in this most harculean but profitable Business.

Forex pivot trading system

Forex Pivot Points with Logic

Forex pivot trading system. For many years, traders and market makers have used pivot points to determine critical support and/or resistance levels. Pivots are also very popular in the forex market and can be an extremely useful tool for range-bound traders to identify points of entry and for trend traders and breakout traders to spot the.

Forex pivot trading system

The pivot point bounce trading system uses a short term timeframe and the standard daily pivot points, and trades the price moving toward, and then bouncing off of any of the full or half way pivot points. Pivot points are support and resistance levels that are calculated using the open, high, low, and close of the previous trading day.

The pivot points include the pivot point itself, six full support and resistance points, and four half way support and resistance points, and are collectively referred to as the pivot points. When the price approaches a pivot point especially for the first time in each direction , it will have a tendancy to reverse, and it is this reversal that is used by the pivot point bounce trading system.

The chart timeframe can be adjusted to suit different markets. The default trading time is any time that the market is open, but for best results the market should be active, such as during the European morning for European markets, and during the US morning for US markets. The following tutorial steps use the DAX futures market , but exactly the same steps should be used on whichever markets you are trading with this trade.

The trade used in the tutorial is a short trade, using 1 contract, with a target of 20 ticks, and a stop loss of 10 ticks. Watch the market, and wait until the price is moving toward a pivot point. For a long trade, the price bars should be making new lows as they move towards the pivot point, and for a short trade the price bars should be making new highs as they move towards the pivot point. Wait for the price to touch the pivot point, which happens when the price trades at the pivot point price.

Enter your trade when the high or low of the first price bar that fails to make a new low or high is broken. The following list shows the steps required for both long and short entries:. In the trade shown on the chart below, the bar that failed to make a new high is shown in white. The entry is when the subsequent price bar breaks the low of the entry bar, which is at The stop loss can be adjusted to use either the pivot point as the stop loss, or the high or low of the entry bar as the stop loss, depending upon the market being traded.

There is no default order type for the pivot point bounce trade entry, but for the DAX the recommendation is a limit order. As soon as your entry order has been filled, make sure that your trading software has placed your target and stop loss orders, or place them manually if necessary. There is no default order type for either the target or stop loss, but for the DAX and usually for all markets , the recommendation is a limit order for the target, and a stop order for the stop loss.

Wait for the price to trade at your target or at your stop loss, and for either your target or stop loss order to get filled. The pivot point bounce trade can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours to reach your target or stop loss. Depending upon the market being traded, the target could be adjusted to be the next pivot point, and the stop loss could be adjusted to break even at a suitable time.

The targets that are shown on the chart are at If your target order has been filled, then your trade has been a winning trade. If your stop loss order has been filled, then your trade has been a losing trade. Repeat the trade from step 4, as many times as necessary, until either your daily profit target is reached, or your market is no longer active.

The pivot point bounce trading system will be reported in the blog , and you can use these trading reports to follow the pivot point bounce trade, and also to compare it to your own trading. If you have any questions about the pivot point bounce trading system, or would like to see additional charts of the trading system, leave a comment in the blog , and I will be glad to provide additional information. Updated October 27,


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