Forex round number indicator. How to trade with SweetSpots indicator. the name of the indicator suggests that there are certain price levels, which carry more importance than others. These are so called “round price levels”, which end on 00, 50, 25 etc. For example, , , For the Forex market & its participant such.

Forex round number indicator

Round Numbers and Grid Lines in MT4 - Free Indicators

Forex round number indicator. Round Number Indicator is a very useful indicator. it highlight upcomming round numbers. Mostly traders set their targets near round numbers. it's is very helpfull indicator to pull all possibile pips out of a trade. TIME FRAMES:_ Work on all time frames. CURRENCY PAIRS:_ Works on all currency pairs.

Forex round number indicator

Forex Tester 3 Forum Our site: Unanswered posts Active topics. Round number indicator Indicators coded by community members. I know you can draw these on manually, but it would be much easier if there was an indicator which could do it. If you know of one knocking around I could use, that would be great. Would anything like this be possible? Do any of you mind posting the attachment.

Will be much appreciated. Last edited by Stonev on Mon Jan 12, It is not completed as it needs the cleanup code and when it starts plotting it slows down bar processing. It displays without problem the round numbers but I don't know if anyone is interested in this buggy indicator.

If anyone is interested I will post that dll here. I am currently working on this indicator and I even have a working dll. I am not a good programmer and I spent an entire day to figure what is wrong with the code.

This is a port for the same indicator I made for Metatrader. No cleanup code yet and this is my first indicator for Forex Tester. The indicator has two options. Number of pips and color. Number of pips is for how many pips the line should be plotted. Color is for the desired color of the line. It requires at least 30 bars in the chart to start plotting lines.

Again if someone can fix it or can make a better version in Delphi I will be happy to use it. Last edited by b4gt on Sun Sep 18, 4: There is a change of approach. Since we are testing past data we already know what is the historical high and the historical low of the pair. So there is no need that the round numbers be calculated every time. We can enter them manually in the parameters window and the calculation will be done once. What is the historical high that this pair has reached?

It would be better to add a slightly higher number to allow another line to be plotted above the highest high Minimum Historical Value: What is the historical low that this pair has reached? It would be better to add a slightly lower number to allow another line to be plotted below the lowest low Line Color: The color of the plotted line How to use it aka annoyances aka known bugs that I can't fix Switch in testing mode and press Start Test.

If you wish choose Start from the first date in range. Then press Stop Test. There is no need to let it run for many bars. All we want is a running test. Add the RoundNr indicator and input the options that you wish. The lines will be plotted. Press again Start Test but now choose "Continue testing from last date before disconnect " Enjoy If you decide to change parameters on the fly don't. You must first remove the indicator and then add it again. I hope you enjoy it and please post your comments and improvements.

I'll have a look now I think now it works flawlessly as I intended at the beginning. That means I hope I fixed all the bugs that that I presented in the previous post. Also no need any more to enter manually historical high and low values. It starts plotting lines on the fly from 0 up to above the maximum value as prices unfold. You can change parameters without needing to remove and reload the indicator, even while the simulation is still running. I still noticed a little sluggishness if I let price run on its own while I sit back and watch it but I can't find what is causing that even if I searched thoroughly.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and please post any comments you may have. Remember this is not a professional work so please be gentle with any bugs you might find. Last edited by b4gt on Wed Apr 17, 9: I am confused about where to put the components though - I have put the RoundNr.

When I pull your indicator out again, it restarts fine. What am I doing wrong? This was my experience working with the version you uploaded on July 13 and with the one you just uploaded on July 16 as well. Trade Smarter - Not Harder.

Thanks for your feedback. You only need the dll file. This is how I install the indicator: Navigate to the folder where the dll file is Click to that file then I press ok Then I press install If the indicator is already installed it asks me If I want to overwrite it. If everything goes fine it says "Indicator Installed" and it is ready to use.

I hope this helps you. Edit I see that I should have distributed that file you are missing with the indicator. Try it and tell me how it works. I tested it in another computer without that file and it works there so it should be ok. Thanks for all of your work on this! I have downloaded your newest version, and followed your instructions: Navigate to the folder where the dll file is Click to that file then I press ok Then I press install I get the error message just after the install finishes.

Is this a separate component you can provide that would satisfy this? Try to delete it and then install the new file. If you don't want to install that package then simply copy the dll file I am attaching here in your C: Maybe after this a system restart is required. Let me know how it goes. Hi - I am very eager to try out your indicator - and my thanks in advance for creating it and posting it so generously.

I usualy draw them manually to the previous highs and lows but I am interested in getting an indicator to make the charts cleaner. Upload if you please. I can install it but when i would like to run nothing happends. Anybody have a working RN indicator? Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 2 guests.


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