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Forex u alerts

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Forex u alerts

When ALL the signals aligned 30min and the two 1hr stoch u pull the trigger when the 5min stoch cross!!! Pics example I only trade during volatile period. Money management is very important, target pips each time more. By using 5min stoch cross to enter, that means u enter at the tip of a trend, the stoploss u need is extremely small pips.

When all the signals show sell, it will be great if the price at that time is above the 20EMA or near it. This is the newest zip file containing the all the indicators and template.

Just put the indicators in your indicators folder and load the template. Looks promising from first glance. What sort of results have you had, how long have you been live trading it, which currency pairs do you find most success with, how do you exit trades etc.

I know someone who may program the indicator for free, if it is worth his while i. Does anybody know, is it possible to use indicators from different time frame charts in the same program, for VT trading and for other platforms? Aqua line indicates buy time And bcos u enter at the tip of the trend and using small tf, your stoploss is small but ur earning potential is huge! Plus with the indicator, you wont hav to watch the market all the time, only when an alert is sounded.

The link in your first post is no longer valid. I trade with it live. And only trade during volatile period. Could it be any easier Hi ljyljl, How do you know when exactly to enter? Sorry, I am very new in this so I have to ask you, because sometimes like I have noticed for example in your LAST attached file picture there was a crossing just before the one you have entered, but you didn't enter in that one and you did enter in the correct one, how do you enter in the correct one?

Or I guess maybe probable I didn't understand completely the ststem? Have downloaded your indicator but still don't see how you get all the Stochs from the other timeframes to display at the same time on your 5min chart? The file is corrupted or something Do you have it right? Please, could you send it to me? Actually you could enter the previous one, i didn't enter because i did not saw it that time and miss it, that is why i request an indicator made.

Need an alert indicator for a great system! Free Forex Trading Systems. This is my current chart. Note the Multi-Frame Stochastics Indi. If you would like something like that let me know. I would very much like a stochastic indicator like that!! I'll be happy to send it to you. Do you take the trade when every stochastic is in agreement? Thanks for posting the indicator.

Thank you, Best regards, Timbaboy.


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