Tim sykes forex. Timothy Sykes: How To Turn $12, into $2,, & Perform Like A Trader. In episode 65 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Timothy Sykes, a stocks trader, world traveler, and teacher. He has made a massive impact and contribution to the trading education worldwide by having thought over.

Tim sykes forex

Lessons From Tim Sykes’ Top Student Tim Grittani Passing $3 Million In Profits

Tim sykes forex. I've searched for good FX traders for years with ZERO success. I have finally found a FX trader I feel.

Tim sykes forex

Recently I came up with an article on Timothy Sykes. Basically he has a strategy where he gives advice and everything else in between to help people make big gains. I am full of doubt everywhere though. I don't know if it's a scam or something really good to be true. I applied to his "Millionaire Challenge" and at the end of the say I was sent an email that I had to invest about dollars to be part of it.

Not having so much at my disposal I kindly declined. I was reffered to his profit. At first I thought it was a broker, but found out that it was basically a site where you exchange information. Besides that there is very little costumer support and no proper guidelines on how the website works and how to make the best of it. Other than getting a few alerts and the rest a bunch of stuff I have no idea why I got it. I don't know where to stand when it comes to him especially since I have little to no experience.

I tried to get a mentor and he turned out being kind of a lie. So when it comes to Timothy I also don't know. Is there someone who can explain or express some thought on this? Timothy Sykes made a name for himself trading penny stocks. The story is that he turned a few thousand dollars into more than a million trading from his dorm room when he was a college student.

As far as I know, his weapon-of-choice is stocks. I've never heard of him as a player in the forex market. Apparently, Sykes went from being an individual trader to being a hedge-fund manager or so he claims. Lately, he's become a mass-marketer of trading advice, but as far as I know he doesn't do personal mentoring, and he isn't a broker. I can't tell from reading your post whether you're looking for a mentor or a broker. Here's a link to the second episode in the series, in which Sykes is introduced and briefly profiled.

If you're not a Hulu member, you might have to register, in order to view this series. Personally, I think Sykes is obnoxious, judging by some self-promotion videos he made some time after the Wall Street Warriors series.

I'd find it hard to take advice from him, or deal with him in any way, no matter how good his track-record might be. Here's a Wikipedia article on Tim Sykes, and here's his website. Tim Sykes Broker Discussion. If penny stocks are your thing, then maybe Sykes is your guy.


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