17th February 2013 Romeo & Giulietta Half Marathon

Giulietta and Romeo half long distance race has arrived at this year its 6th release and it will occur on seventeenth February 2013 on the notable downtown area of Verona. To the surprise of no one, the course creates on a level land in the significant social and engineering spot of the downtown area.

On the site committed to the occasion, Giuliettae Romeo half long distance race. It, the commencement for seventeenth February has proactively started. Consistently numerous competitors stand by tensely for the long distance race. In 2012, more than 4.000 hopefuls participate in the long distance race, 250 were outsiders coming either from Italy or everywhere.

Giulietta and Romeo half long distance race is the principal occasion of the year coordinated by Half long distance race Tour. During the year Half long distance race Tour plan five distinct half long distance races: first Rome and Giulietta, then, at that point, Piacenza, Monza, Cremona, and the last one is Garda Trentino half long distance race. The point of Half long distance race Tour is to assemble every one of the Italian brandishing relationship on different arrangements. The affiliations that partake in these long distance races with their sprinters accumulates many focuses based on the appearance number at the last line and toward the year’s end, the donning affiliation that has acquired focuses during the five half long distance races, will get an award of 1.500 E.












On the web, there is likewise the guide of the long distance race course that incorporates the intersection of Porta Vescovo, Sottoriva, close to the church building, Borgo Trento, Porta San Zeno, Stadio, Porta Palio, San Zeno Basilica, Ponte Scaligero, Porta Borsari, Duomo, Piazza dei Signori, Piazza delle Erbe and the last step is through the field and the end goal is arranged in Piazza Bra. The long distance race is 21 km long and the beginning is booked at 10.00 o’clock at the game focus of Verona, the end goal is in piazza Bra three hours after the beginning. The award giving service will be on Sunday seventeenth February 2013 at 12.30; simply the initial ten competitors who arrive at the end goal will be granted.

Giulietta and Romeo half long distance race is a kind of gathering spot or more each of the a donning event. Just eighteen years of age competitors can partake in the long distance race. Besides, Duo Half long distance race is likewise planned during Giulietta and Romeo half long distance race: it is a hand-off where two sprinters run together, the principal runs for 16 km and the other one for 6 km. The two competitors should take care of business and lady, this long distance race isn’t serious and coordinated.

At Verona sports lobby, there will be an Expo with numerous exhibitors, stands, and a free stopping spot of 1.000 m2. Besides, assuming that you show up from a good ways place there is the chance of remaining in an inn in Verona; on the site there is a rundown of the lodgings that have a concurrence with this occasion.