5 Big Design Mistakes – Learn how NOT TO KILL your Buisness

The first thing you should remember when creating a web page: MAKE IT EASY TO NAVIGATE!
No one will give two pennys on your super designed site if they cannot find what they need! Create a site so that it will combine design and usability!
I have made a list of what I consider to be the worlds biggest web-page design mistakes. Look at this mistakes and learn from them!

I.Stupid, useless and annoying elements that don’t let the visitor find what they want.

1.STUPID SPLASH PAGE. Ok, maybe you will say that a splash page(if it is well done) could look cool. Yes it could. But think of the visitor’s time. That splash page is very often longer than it should. You could actually kill your sales. What do you think that a potential customer would prefer? To stay and look hours at your splash page or to go and buy the product that he wants so much? When you create a site, try to think more at the potential customer than how to expose your flash-creator skills. They don’t care about you, they care about themselves!

2.APPLETS AND PLUGINS. Use them ONLY if you really need them. Not just to spice up your website. Again, think again more at the visitor. Maybe they don’t have installed a certain plugin and your content wwill not work. Then, your website is useless and the potential customer goes to the competition. Now that’s really cool.

II.Thinking at Internet Explorer as the supreme ruler
Any professional-made website should be compatible with any internet browser. This is a rule. Always check your website to be friendly with all major browsers: Opera, Firefox, IE. Don’t send your visitors to the competition just because they don’t use IE.

III.Stupid created navigation.
A thing that any webmaster should do: Spend hours and hours thinking how to simplify the navigation! Ofcourse I’m jocking but when the site is created one of the first question you should ask yourself: “Is this site easy enough to navigate?” If your answer is no, then is bad. Really really bad. The visitor should be able to know at any time where in your website he is; He should now in just a few seconds how to reach the information he needs!

IV.To much information on one page
Structure the information. DO NOT put everything on just one page. Do not put to many menus on the page. Try not to kill the visitors eyes. Try to keep a easy to read layout. Most of the visitors hate to scroll.

Do not use small texts. Why there are so many sites on the Internet with texts of such a small size? I have no idea. I tell you again: kepp your webpage easy to read. Use texts big enough so that the visitor can see what you are trying to tell him through the page.

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