The Networking Squad

This is not your ordinary sphere of influence. The squad is considered a radical version of your “Board of Directors” or “Networking Team”. It is comprised of individuals and organizations that are focused primarily on your professional and social development. One of the ways to improve your networking processes and reach your goals is to have a plan for success. Having a group which can mentor, sponsor, advise and support you in your networking endeavors is crucial.

Listed below are tips for creating and developing relationships which can enhance your networking agendas.

The Diversity Factor

As you are selecting your squad, take into account the attributes, skills and traits that you would like to have. Once you have determined the number of people in your group, select individuals and organizations which are diverse. The demographics of your group should range by age, geographic location, career, industry, education, socio-economic status, gender, religious affiliation, race, ethnicity, etc. Obviously, the more diverse, the better. Diversity is sometimes a missing link in the networking process. Professionals many times believe they can only network effectively with similar individuals, with similar backgrounds.

Establish the Network

Upon selecting the number of individuals for your squad, the next steps are building and strengthening the relationships and connections. This goes far beyond meeting up for coffee or linking up on social media outlets. Focus on knowing the members of the group and seeking ways of how they can strategically help you. Forms of assistance can involve getting advice, gaining resources, obtaining additional contacts or receiving monetary support or patronage.

Establishing a group of diverse professionals and social connections can really expand your networking objectives. It can offer the proper support, guidance and direction for meeting all of your goals.

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