Why Can’t You Get Pregnant After Hydrotubation?

Hydrotubation is to pass a cylinder into the uterine pit of the examinee, and afterward infuse 20ml of fluid medication through the cylinder. The medication courses through the fallopian tube from the uterine hole to the pelvic cavity. As per the attributes that the uterine hole can just oblige 5 ml volume, if every one of the 20 ml arrangement can be infused flawlessly without opposition, and no fluid can be refluxed into the needle subsequent to loosening up the needle tube, proposing that the arrangement has entered the stomach cavity through the uterine depression and fallopian tube cavity, showing that the fallopian tube is unhindered; if the opposition is huge, in excess of 10 ml of arrangement in the wake of loosening up the needle tube is refluxed into the needle, demonstrating that the fallopian tube is deterred; in case there is any obstruction, yet at the same time ready to infuse the vast majority of the liquid and just a limited quantity of reflux, showing that the fallopian tube is unhampered.

Albeit the hydrotubation certainly affects the treatment of tubal check, the volume and surface space of the uterine hole are a lot bigger than the cross-sectional space of the cylinder and tubal pit, so the tension of infusing liquid into the fallopian tube is extremely restricted. The seriousness of fallopian tube impediment can not be unmistakably characterized by the fluid coursing through the fallopian tube. There is no infused fluid during the time spent hydrotubation can be seen, so the area and seriousness of tubal blockage can not really settled. Hydrotubation can just treat some impediment of fallopian tube in structure, yet can not settle the unusual capacity of muscle peristalsis and cilia swing. Numerous infections like endometriosis, pelvic irritation sicknesses, tubal pregnancy medical procedure will prompt unusual capacity of fallopian tube muscle peristalsis and cilia swing, influencing pregnancy.

In addition, before hydrotubation, the specialist doesn’t know whether the patient has vaginitis, endometritis, and so on or not, so it has extraordinary visual deficiency. The patients with these illnesses are probably going to bring pathogenic microorganisms, (for example, mycete, trichomonas, mycoplasma, chlamydia, and so on) into uterine pit, fallopian cylinder and stomach pit during the methodology, bringing about unfavorable outcomes. For instance, chlamydia can create poisons that cause blockages in the genital plot and initiate fruitlessness.

Notwithstanding ordinary fallopian tubes, pregnancy additionally requires the accompanying conditions:

Ovary ousts typical eggs.

Typical semen with ordinary sperm

Eggs and sperm can meet in the fallopian tube and become treated eggs.

Treated eggs are flawlessly shipped into the uterus

6.Endometrium has been completely pre-arranged for treated eggs implantation.

Any irregularity in these connections can thwart origination. The purposes behind impeding origination might be the lady, the man or both.

Pregnancy is a complex physiological cycle. The likelihood of normal origination is around 20%-25% each month. It isn’t unexpected that there is no pregnancy in a while after hydrotubation. In case ladies are not pregnant for over one year, the couple ought to go to the medical clinic together for assessment. In the event that different sicknesses influencing ladies ‘s pregnancy are distinguished, like pelvic aggravation, endometriosis, etc, they ought to be dealt with effectively. Taking FuYan Pill can treat female fruitlessness brought about by gynecological sicknesses and irritation.

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