Top 5 Tangiers Tobacco Flavors that Will Win You Right Away

With regards to the most well known hookah tobacco brands, Tangiers Tobacco makes it in one of the top positions. They highlight selective plan and are delicate to warm, which implies the hookah darlings should be a smidgen more cautious while planning and spotlight on heat the executives during the meetings than some other tobacco brand. Every one of these affection and care is simply going to draw out the delicate side of these hearty Tangiers Tobacco flavors.


In this post, we will reveal the 5 generally well known and group most loved kinds of Tangiers Tobacco.

A. Stick Mint

It does undoubtedly that this peppermint flavor is the most famous Tangiers flavor and the best of Shisha kinds of all tobacco brands. Regardless of whether you accept it as independent mint tobacco or mix in with others, you can’t quit commending it.

B. Horchata

One more magnificent character from Tangiers Tobacco is Horchata that includes a tasty blend of weighty cream and fiery cinnamon. It would help you to remember the popular Mexican Rice Milk Drink. You can smoke it actually like that or add a hint of Oreo flavor to it by mixing in a touch of Tangiers Cocoa tobacco.

C. Orange Soda

Tangiers Orange Soda Hookah Tobacco is most popular for its sweet and solid orange character and the slight shock component. It got an unobtrusive smooth connotation that makes it special and not quite the same as some other orange-enhanced tobacco on the lookout.

D. Kashmir Peach

This fiery sweet tobacco flavor is a group top pick and something the brand is generally pleased with. Kashmir Peach shows a great yet complex combination of peach and botanical tones. You can’t quit having a greater amount of it as you taste buds an ever increasing number of exquisite flavors every single time.

E. It’s Like That One Breakfast Cereal

Genuinely ‘It’s Like That One Breakfast Cereal’ you can always remember. The tobacco flavor includes some conspicuous citrusy notes of lime and lemon leveled out by the pleasantness of orange and the smoothness of vanilla. This smooth fruity cereal character is ideal for your morning meal hookah. Attempt it, and you might begin envisioning yourself having a bowl of fruity cereal breakfast with a toucan.

The rundown is inadequate without two or three additional Tangiers flavors. In the first place, there is Pear Watermelon flavor which is a piece of Tangiers Tabacco’s Special Edition tobacco flavors. It includes the marvelous mixture of succulent watermelon and pear with a pungency. Then, at that point, comes Marachino Cherry featuring sweet kinds of cherry that goes incredibly with New Lime or Cane Mint. In conclusion, it is Ololiuqui, which is a complex however charming character. Contingent upon the hotness you use, the character changes – once in a while it’s Cuba Lime, some of the time it’s cream pop. Notwithstanding, you can’t miss the lovely natural hint it got.

Load your bowl with Tangier tobacco seasons or be a blender expert and play with them.

Notwithstanding how you smoke it, you make certain to have a fabulous time. However, before that, snatch some ofthese famous Tangiers Tobacco flavors before the stock moves past!

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