A City of Poets Lucknow And Its ‘shayars’

Josh Malihabadi-Josh Malihabadi is additionally credited for bringing into reality a magazine named “Kaleem” (in a real sense signifying “Conversationalist”), in which he composed articles or the Freedom of India from the English Raj. His composition “Hussain aur Inquilaab” (Hussain and Transformation) won him the title of “Shaair-e-Inquilaab” (Writer of the Insurgency). The principal collection of his Urdu verse was distributed in 1921 and incorporates his wonders, for example, “Shola-o-Shabnam”, “Junoon-o-Hikmat”, “Fikr-o-Nishaat”, “Sarod-o Kharosh”, and his self-portrayal “Yaadon Ki Baraat” among his different works. He likewise composed tunes for Shalimar Pictures. He was respected with Padmabhushan in 1954.

Safi Lakhnawi

One more prominent Urdu artist from Lucknow is Safi Lakhnawi, who was known for his basic and excellent style of Urdu shayari. He was brought into the world on second of January, 1862, in Lucknow. He got instruction at Canning University, Lucknow. In the wake of finishing his schooling, he worked in the Income Branch of the Public authority. He was into composing stanzas, from an early age of 13. Safi Lakhnawi Sahab is known to have written Urdu verse with no direction of a Ustaad (Educator). The composing style of Safi LakhnawiSahab was particular and had a reformist touch to it. Individuals could without much of a stretch recognize and identify with his Urdu verses which were woven unpredictably and wonderfully. He was called as “Lassan-ul Qaum” (signifying “Outstanding Representative individuals) in honor. A portion of his composing wonders incorporate “Aagosh-I-Madar”, “Tanzim-ul-Hayat”, and “Diwan-I-Safi”. His imaginative Urdu verses structure a piece of the educational plan for Graduate and Post alumni Urdu Projects.

Mirza Hadi Ruswa

Mirza Hadi Ruswa was brought into the world in Lucknow in 1857. He was a Urdu artist and an author of plays and fiction work. His first book “Umrao Jaan Ada” was distributed in 1905 and was made into a film “Umrao Jaan” featuring Rekha in 1972 and was again welcomed on the celluloid in 2006 as “Umrao Jaan”, featuring Aishwarya Rai. Mirza Hadi Ruswa Sahab is accepted to have help from the notable Urdu Artist Mirza Salamat Ali Dabeer. One more acclaimed work of the author is the book “Akhtari Begum”.

Mohsin Kakorvi

Mohsin Kakorvi Sahab is another eminent shayar from Lucknow whose inventive work has won applause and esteem from across the world. He was into composing the Naat type of verse. He gave asylum to the eminent Urdu artist, Ameer Minai, when the last option was constrained to escape from Lucknow with his family, because of English barbarity in 1856-57.

Dr. Hari Om IAS-He is in the rundown of top writers in UPt.

Dr. Hari Om is afamous artist in Lucknow and furthermore comes in the rundown of these incredible ghazal artists. His renowned ghazals are-

Sikandar hun magar haara hua hun

Muskurati hui subah ho tum

Sooni ankhen soona aangan

Socha na tha zindgi

His most renowned verse is Kapas ke agley mausam mein.

Shivam Verma An outstanding author who expounds on different fields

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