Snowboard Trick Names And Terms to Know

Anybody craving to take their riding to a higher level needs to set up a tool compartment of snowboard stunts. Getting down a snowboard stunt that you have really been dealing with for some time is significantly fulfilling, and the buzz of pulling it off for the absolute first time goes on for quite a long time, if not days.


One of the absolute first deceives you should discover, I accept that you’ve all known about this one. The ollie expects you to get a tad of air by hopping off the tail of the board. Not excessively troublesome, but rather a significant one for your gathering of methods.


This one isn’t dissimilar to the ollie, and is a phenomenal illustration of when snowboard stunt names get pretty clear. Like the ollie, this necessities you to get a little air, however rather than jumping off the tail of the board, you bounce off the nose.

The appeal of the over two is that you needn’t bother with any extra gadgets to do them. Simply snatch your board, find some snow, and a touch of region, and you’re set.


In a sneaky, the rider hops into the air and turns the board around 90 degrees, so that it’s confronting opposite to the course the individual in question is moving. Preceding landing, bend the board back round to it’s starter position, land delicate, and continue to ride!

The over 3 are quite straightforward airs. We should get a touch more specialized, and examine a few snatches.

Nose snatch

Obviously, this procedure incorporates snatching the nose of your board. As you hop noticeable all around, right your back leg and lift up your front leg. This will carry the nose of your board to you, and grant you to rapidly reach down with your front hand and snatch your nose.

Quiet get

The quiet snatch expects you to get the toe edge of the board in the middle of the ties. Just jump, and not at all like in the nose snatch, bring both of your advantages wards with the goal that your board stays corresponding to the ground. Snatch the toe edge of the board with your front hand, and you’ve finished a quiet get

Melon snatch.

As far as depiction, this is very similar as the quiet snatch, yet on the off chance that you can do them both you’ll comprehend they need very different abilities. The melon snatch in like manner includes getting the load up between the ties with your front hand, however this time it’s the heel side of your load up which you’ll need to get.

Right now, the word snatch starts to sound a developing number of over the top, so how about we carry on to turns. In case you’re in the beginning phases of your snowboarding profession, these might be a little from your association, but they’re totally something troublesome you can work to.

Front and reverse somersault flip

Simple to portray, hard to do. A reverse somersault happens when a rider, positively, winds down backward a leap, while a front flip is exactly the same thing with the contrary turn.


This is getting truly progressed now. The McTwist includes a rider riding behind in a halfpipe or comparative. Noticeable all around, the rider turns forward, regularly 540 degrees. The absolute best of the best can go in excess of 540 degrees notwithstanding, and this is the place where it winds up being gainful to appreciate somewhat more with regards to snowboard stunt names.

Snowboard stunts are regularly portrayed in their numerous standard sort, and there are numerous varieties to every procedure. For twists and turns, simply add the amount of pivots to the name of the stunt and it takes on a whole unique importance. While a standard McTwist may be 540 degrees, you can likewise play out a McTwist 720, for example, and without a doubt this is altogether more troublesome.

So while this may be a deficient rundown of snowboarding deceives, it can undoubtedly be added to by understanding the basics of snowboard stunt names. The term switch is used when a snowboarder is riding backward to the technique they for the most part ride. That is, assuming you’re a senseless footer (best foot forward), you’re riding switch when your left foot is toward the front. A switch ollie, coherently, is a customary ollie done while the rider is riding switch.

Envision you’re completing a 180 in a halfpipe – this portrayal in itself isn’t satisfactory to appropriately imagine the stunt, because of the way that you might have pivoted in one of 2 ways. A frontside 180 for a standard position rider would include pivoting counterclockwise through the air, while a behind would expect you to turn clockwise.

As should be obvious, snowboard stunt names are generally very coherent, and if you commit a couple of the standard names to memory, you can widen on these with beneficial conditions. Probably you’re more intrigued by really being able to play out the stunts than recollect their names in any case, so get out there and practice!

Anybody needing to take their riding to a higher level needs to foster a tool kit of snowboard stunts. Getting down a snowboard method that you’ve been chipping away at for some time is immensely satisfying, and the buzz of pulling it off interestingly goes on for a really long time, if not days. Obviously, this stunt includes snatching the nose of your board. Snowboard stunts are by and large alluded to in their a great deal of essential kind, and there are various varieties to each deceive. While this may be a deficient rundown of snowboarding deceives, it can rapidly be incorporated to by understanding the basics of snowboard stunt names.

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